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    PAUL: The Horse, The Donkey & The Mule or

    Is Paul Mr. Ed, a Comedian Donkey sexually immoral in a Horse’s Stable?

    By Andre Austin

    The New Testament books can be divided into Followers of St. James and Followers of Paul Letters.

    I’ve detected 4 letters that are pro St. James because they encrypted their attacks on Paul. They are:

    1. James Letter chapter 2 & 3 analogy of a Lying Horse Tongue

    2. 2 Peter 2:1-22 A talking Donkey who rebukes Balaam also in Numbers 22

    3. Letter of Jude 1:8-16 Paul speaking abusively against Moses (see 2 Cor 3;7-18) like an unreasoning (stubborn animal)=A stubborn Mule who engages in sexual immorality

    4. Revelations 2:7-14 & other chapters Teaching of Balaam to eat food sacrificed to idols.

    5. Paul is Typologically link with a Donkey in reverse by turning away from Balaam three times in Numbers 22:22-33 may be a parody of Paul lying/rejecting true teaching of and about meeting Jesus in a Dream/Vision and repeating it three times in Acts 9:7, Acts 22:9 and Acts 26:13. These Dreams correspond to what Jude wrote which I will get more into.

    The first three books/letters above work interactively with eachother and refer to Paul not by name but his actions and symbols of The Horse, the Donkey and by inference the mule. Why would they cryptically refer to Paul to a Donkey, Horse, and Mule. This requires the knowledge that Paul was from the Tribe of Benjamin and that he was in part an Arab/Egyptian. Robert Eisenman who wrote James, the Brother of Jesus Volume 1 & 2. States that Paul was a Herodian Arab. In the book of Romans 16:11 Paul states “Greet Herodion, my relative”. Well the Herod’s were Arab. In Romans 11:1 he claims descent from the Tribe of Benjamin. The Tribe of Benjamin was also called “Ben-Oni” indicates a link with the Egyptian city of Heliopolis known as On in the Bible (Genesis 35:16-18). Some people did think Paul was an Egyptian see Acts 21:38 which is interactive with Hebrews 11:35-38.

    The ancestor of the Arab people was Ishmael whose mother was Egyptian and father was a Hebrew. “Ishmael represents Set (Satan)… whose image corresponds to a Donkey image or symbol” see (The Bible Myth By Gary Greenberg p.247-248. Ishmael descendants are said to be like a wild ***/donkey of a man who will raise up his hand in violence against everyone (Genesis 16:11-12.

    Eisenman states in the above mentioned book that the tribe of Benjamin sometimes functioning as a variation of the Belial/Balaam/Bela circle of language was being applied in some manner to Paul by those hostile to him” Volume 1 p.105-106

    Flavius Josephus writing Book 1:14 Against Apion the Hyksos were Shepherd-kings and that some people thought they were Arabians. This was a mistranslation. The correct one would be Chieftains/kings of a Hill. They were known as Amorites too see Numbers 13:29 & chapter 21:13 in desert. When the letter of Jude was written he states from the start he is a brother of James. Paul is referred to as a dreamer that pollutes his body and rushing to profit into Balaam’s error. Eisenman states that “Paul was obviously being mocked by same as ‘the Man of dreams & Lies” Volume 1 p.55. These dreams were based on him lying that 3 times that Jesus had come to him.

    Jude goes on to call these followers of Balaam as men are blemishes at your love feast eating with you without the slightest qualm-Shepherds who feed only themselves. They are clouds without rain, blown along by the wind; autumn trees, without fruit and uprooted-twice dead . they are Wild waves of the sea, foaming up their shame wandering stars (Philippians 2:15) for whom blackest darkness has been reserved forever”-Jude 1:8-16. Through Mantheo we know that the Hyksos/shepherds lay Egypt waste and they worship the cult of Set (Satan/Donkey). We already know Genesis refers to them as “wild” and Jude description of them as Stars fits the exact description Pliny the Elder in Natural History on Venus/Lucifer. There is an evil Venus and a Good Venus.

    People should also know that Paul was a slave to Emperor Domitian who sodomized him as a Dog tearing his flesh which is Domitian in mask of Anubis the Dog see Philippians 3:2. Paul stated that slaves should obey their masters in everything (Titus 2:9) . Therefore, by default he submitted to the sexually immorality of Domitian who also had sex with his boy servants. This is the sexual immorality talk about by some of the followers of St. James against Paul.

    2 Peter 2:1-22 picks up the same language as Jude touching on Blemishes reveling in their pleasures while they feast with you. Follow the way of Balaam, Springs without water, blackest darkness reserved for them. Promise freedom while themselves are slaves (Paul). Like a dog returning to his vomit like after washing wallowing in the mud. Mud wrestling is associated with do do from the Anus.

    Revelations adds support to James theme of having Faith and Works and being judged according to your deeds. It rejects the false teaching of Balaam and eating food sacrificed to idols which only Paul in the NT said was okay. By knowing the book of James we can also solve two puzzles in the book of Revelations chapter 3 where the Church at Sardis is unbalanced because it has incomplete deeds which are dead. This is the same language James uses:

    A. “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles (loose Balance) at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it” (James 2:10).

    B. Faith & actions/work is made complete (whole) by actions James 2:22

    C. Faith without deeds is dead James 2:26

    If we Align James with Rev chapter 3 and you will see Sardis is Unbalanced/stumble and the Church in Laodicea is balanced “Lukewarm” and gets to eat with the King at his throne (Rev 3). Lukewarm is symbolic of Tefnut (Maat/righteousness/balance). One more clue to this is to find out what you get to eat? Well lets back up to Rev 2:7 I’m assuming they get to eat the same thing the church in Ephesus “eats from the tree of life”. From Proverbs 11:30 we know “The fruit of the righteous (Maat) is a tree of life”. The tree of life is symbolic of Tefnut’s twin Shu. Shu is the root word for Joshua which is used interchangeably for Jesus. Now Lukewarm is spit out giving it clue to Tefnut’s origin of birth in Egyptian mythology was spat out by another deity. Paul was opposed to Maat/Law/righteousness and has a thug who stole money Ananias help him remove “scales” from his eyes (Acts 9:15-19). Scales was the means in which Maat judged your heart. Ananus also had servants who were wicked, killed St.James and Paul known has Saulus was his partner in crime (Antiquities of the Jews book 20 chapter 9. Paul didn’t like James because he accused him of lying and wouldn’t give him a letter of recommendation so Paul invented his own spiritual letter from Jesus.


    After half of Egypt was defeated by the Hyksos because of their superior use of the Horse and chariot like Hitler used the Tank they got hip and wise and adapted the new technology 108 years latter expelling them out of Egypt. After this military victory Egypt became the only nearby nation who specialized in the manufacture of chariots and breeding horses. When Diodorus visited Egypt he saw a multitude of war chariots and numerous stables along the banks of the Nile. The bible corroborates this when Solomon buys many of his horses from Egypt (1 Kings 10:28; also see Deuteronomy 17:16 and Isaiah 31:1-3. Egypt had become symbolic of a fighting horse much like it was symbolic of a Beautiful Cow, in which was in reference to their women (Jeremiah 46:20).

    Paul being part Egyptian was symbolic of a Horse, being related to the Herod’s (Arabs) associated with a Donkey, then the mule to signified he was mixed and linked up with the letter of Jude with Balaam. Donkey were symbolic of Comedy from which Eisenman says he was referred to as a Comedian. Also prostitution was associated with females being in a pimp’s stable.

    The dispute about the body of Moses in Jude’s time was about the corpus juris (Body of Moses Laws).

    Paul didn’t write the book of Hebrews was already talked about in Early Christianity. I knew he didn’t write it because Hebrews 8:10 & 10:16 talking about absorbing the law into your body (heart/Minds) which was the symbolic representation the ancient Egyptians talked about.