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    The self-promotion of Paul, the pro Roman and enemy of Jesus brother is a very interesting one. He self-promotes himself as an apostle of Jesus then degrades and dehumanizes the three pillars (Galatians 2:9 The Big three) of the movement James, Peter and John as super-apostles. He says they have a different gospel and are false apostles for Satan with “their end will be what their actions deserve” (2 Corinthians 11:4-15). This was a pun on James who was pro Jew who stated freedom and salvation was about Faith and Works. James was hyper concerned for the Poor which required deeds and service to them not declarations of faith. Paul being pro-Roman was about submitting to Roman rule because they won the physical fight and they were due taxes (Romans 13:5-6). Paul thought he was superior to the other apostles because he spoke craftier/guile (2 Cor 12:16) eloquent like the Greek god Hermes (Egyptian God Thoth of speech, reading and writing), see 2 Cor 12:11-17 & Acts 14:12). Paul paid lip service to the big three advice to Remember the poor (gal 2:10) because he was pro-Roman, pro tax. Like the Maccabees, The big three considered taxation one step away from slavery. Paul wanted slaves to submit to everything their Roman master said (Titus 2:9) Do you want craftiness or straight talk that’s real? Paul even erased James being elected as Jesus successor over the apostolic ministry into that of the Jewish writer Josephus Bar Matthias (Acts 1 23-26). And any scholars point out that the assassination of the first Christian martyr wasn’t Stephen but his double stand in James. He was too much an important person to admit by Paul as his murderer to name him by name.

    When I looked at the table of contents for the NT I noticed that James, Peter and John books went in the same order as they were called Pillars. This wasn’t a coincidence. It’s impossible to love Jesus and hate James because they went hand and hand. Paul represented the milky white Romans who hated the black/white Jews because they did not want to worship Caesar as a god. If Jesus was alive and crossed paths with Jesus he would have wanted him dead and would have called him Satan just like James who were part of the Big three. He doesn’t follow Jesus gospel but his own gospel (my gospel Romans 15:25).

    Now that I’ve laid my groundwork

    Jesus and his 12 Apostles were supposed to be symbolic of the 12 tribes of Israel. Gary Greenberg in his book The Bible Myth: The African Origins of the Jewish people states that the evolution of the 12 tribes of Israel was due in part to circumcision/the cutting of Osiris body by Satan into fourteen parts.

    Hebrews were confused as to whether there should be 12 tribes or thirteen. When Set (Satan) found Osiris corpse, he hacked it into fourteen pieces and distributed them around the country. Thirteen of the pieces were recovered, but the fourteenth, the penis, had been swallowed by a Nile pike fish and was never found. The Roman Catholic celebrate this by eating fish on the Sabbath.

    The 13 parts of Osiris became associated with sacred territories. Abydos for example was associated with the head of Osiris being buried there. Over time, a tradition would have developed that the country had thirteen sacred territories; one for each part of Osiris body was recovered.

    Although the idea of thirteen sacred territories would have been popular, the Atenist could not tolerate its connection to Osiris. Since Osiris could no longer be openly worshiped, the images associated with his body were transferred to Jacob (Israel) and his family. This required that a thirteenth son be introduced, causing joseph’s inheritance to be divided between two tribes. In addition to twelve (thirteen?) sons, Jacob also had a daughter, Dinah. I suggest that she was added to Jacob’s family as a symbol of the missing fourteenth part of Osiris body, the penis.

    As quiet as its kept Paul was castrated in retaliation for killing Stephen/James. This was poetic justice because one of the main arguments that Paul had against the big three was circumcision. Paul was known as the OT Saul who ordered the foreskins (castration of 100 enemies) Paul names change means Tiny. Paul hated those arguing for circumcision and wished they would emasculate themselves (Gal 5:1-12). Jesus in Matthew chapter 18 and 19 talks about eunuchs in conjunction with “little children” being in the same context with Paul being Tiny castrated. This is a reflection of not Jesus kingdom but the kingdom of Titus who owned a troop of Eunuchs and Inverts.

    Circumcision as a biblical practice began with the birth of Isaac (Osiris). I strongly suspect that circumcision was closely associated with the efforts of the Egyptian people to identify with Osiris so that they could be assured of resurrection. When set (Satan) scattered Osiris parts around the country, Isis recovered all but the penis. Though magic, Isis created a substitute. Since it would be impractical for the Egyptians or Jews to remove the penis, the idea of circumcision was developed, in which a piece of the penis was cut off to symbolize that Osiris was less than whole. The Egyptian religion symbolize an erect penis with resurrection not with worshiping a penis.

    Now let us get to the good part:

    Basilides was a Christian from the Gnostic sect. Basilides was a friend of Titus the Emperor of Rome from which Jesus ministry was made a parody of. Basilides wrote a commentary on the gospels before they were in existence about the parable of Lazarus and the rich man which is of apparent Egyptian origin. Luke used this in his writings about Lazarus along with another account used by Josephus Bar Matthias in his War of the Jews. Lazarus equals Eleazar in Hebrew. Break it down Eleazar to its original components we have El-Azar which is the Egyptian name for Osiris “Ausar”. Don’t you think it’s strange the Egyptian texts about Ausar/Osiris and the Gospel of John and Luke tell the same story about Lazarus? In the War of the Jews Book 6 chapter 3 201-219 there is a story of the Jews eating a child from the house of hyssop. The same story is told in the NT with Lazarus being made a supper. Jesus playing the role of Osiris/Lazarus with his missing penis being eaten up by Fish we now call Jews or “Little Fishes” is nothing more than a dark comedy joke by the Romans making a parody of the Jews they massacred during their campaigns.

    Paul does not narrate a single event from Jesus life. Nor does Paul ever actually quote Jesus words with the exception of his rendering of the Eucharistic formula: “This is my body…nor drink of my blood so that he may be one with me and I with him shall not be saved” which is of Mithratic=Osiris origins of the Roman Catholic Eucharist originally eating bodies of Osiris made from wheat mixed with some specially prepared paste (see Osiris & the Egyptian Resurrection By E.A Wallis Budge p.21. The Christians not only ate it in remembrance but to be saved as they said it. Paul didn’t think about circumcision because either he was made he had nothing there or didn’t know the secret meanings or both. But it doesn’t matter he still went through the Egyptian ritual hook, line and sinker. The Big three got the upper hand on Tiny Paul after all.


    Paul follows Jesus because he was dead and he could define who he was under his terms and definition according to his gospel. Likewise when martin Luther King was alive many whites hated him and wanted him dead. After he was assassinated it was only then that they liked him because they could pick out things in his life, manipulate it to their advantage. King was down with James in his speech The drum major Instinct for justice for people being free under a just and righteous government.