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    Someone might have pointed this out here before--I can't remember. But anyway, I found this to be interesting and thought you might find it that way too.

    So often we discuss ways in which to become UNIFIED and come together as a nation of people. The information found at the following link has some excellent points and one's that I'm curious about why we couldn't pursue if we wanted to.

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    Your comments re: unification are so true, Queen. You always speak truth to power. And thank you so much for the link. I was overwhelmed...and decided to post it for all of us to read:



    We are the original people of planet Earth and of every inhabitable place on it. Furthermore:

    (a) That our ancestors migrated to every part of the planet and populated it.
    (b) That we have the divine and natural right based on being the original and first people, to have separate lands and territories anywhere on earth.


    We declare our right to live in our own lands and to keep our people free, defend them from infiltration, attacks and from loosing their heritage, culture and being.


    We declare our right to choose and elect our own leaders who will carry out the just will of the people.


    The people, through their Council of Elders and representatives, shall have the ultimate rights that surpasses the will of whoever is chosen to lead them. This ultimate will shall be made clear by the Council of Elders, in accordance with just laws and traditions.


    Leaders shall be chosen from various parties and organizations among those who are most qualified to lead their respective villages, towns, tribes, cities. These leaders shall follow the will of the people, yet such will can be checked by the Council of Elders or the Council of Judges if they are deemed unjust or against just laws and traditions.


    The most important and core of the Pan-African Constitutional body is the family structure. Men shall lead their families and make the contributions to all their children and to their wives as expected by the society.


    All property shall remain within the Nation and under the control of the people.


    A Treasury shall be organized and contributions will be made to it for various community, regional and national projects, to help the people in their time of need, no matter where they reside. The people’s money shall be used first and foremost to improve their lives.


    Bodies of arbitration shall be created on lesser offenses as a first resort before going to court.


    A leader shall be chosen to represent all the people among political organizations or among the general population, as long as that person is of the people and is qualified to lead, and meets the qualifications set by just traditions or laws.


    The destitute among the people shall be cared for but those who are able bodied shall contribute to the people in return. None shall be left to live in squalor, and all organizations shall help to improve lives.


    The children of the people shall remain among the people. They shall not be given to others to adopt when there are capable blood relatives or non-relatives among the people who are capable of taking such task. No children shall be sent out from the people. Parents shall have full rights and primary priority to their children at all times. When not possible, capable uncles and aunts shall be given such rights by a Council. This will be followed by grandparents and finally by cousins and capable neighbors.


    Fathers shall have full rights to their children and to parenthood equal with mothers. Such rights are natural rights bestowed by nature that cannot be denied or diluted by any judge, elder, leader or court, unless (and only when) a parent has treated his own in a manner that is cruel or contributes to the destruction of the life of liberty of his own. Fathers shall be expected to discipline their children with justice and restraint, but with effectiveness. Upon divorce, a father or mother shall still have full rights to their children and family relationships, and bonds of blood and mind shall not be broken.


    The people shall follow the age-grade system of lifetime education, established by our ancestors since the dawn of antiquity. Each age group shall be in sets and each set shall be trained and shall have specific responsibilities in the society.

    (1) Babyhood to 4 years – early training

    (2) 5-12 years – morals, history, culture, languages, academics, division of labor, expectation of individuals and responsibilities.

    (3) Rites of Passage.

    (4) 13-18 – males shall be trained by male secret societies in the essence of manhood and self-preservation. Girls shall be taught in female societies on the attributes and essence of womanhood. All shall be taught in all aspects of African law, the laws of the lands they live in, African culture, languages, history, economics and industry. They shall be taught and expected to know right from wrong.

    (5) 18-40 – males and females will be prepared to marry and to raise children from the age of eighteen. The ability to raise and care for children – when weighed to the ability of people to be declared old enough to know and be punished for laws broken – must be equal, thus it is just that at 18 years old one has the attributes necessary to begin his or her family.

    (6) 40-60 – During this age set period, all aspects of culture shall be known. Such persons must be well versed in the laws, ceremonies, festivals and the African calendar (the Khemitic/Egyptian solar calendar in which dates were first counted on the Vernal Equinox in 4241 BC). They shall also know the history of the culture, nation, tribe and all that is necessary to maintain an orderly and well-functioning society. All aspects of government functioning must be known. This period and age set is the ideal age for taking important positions in government.

    (7) 60-100 or older – This stage is the age set for taking the role as Wise Ones. Such people are an asset to their communities if they can function properly and have maintained good memory. They must be respected and cared for by their families, or by the society if they are unable to do so for themselves. Their wisdom must be valued as long as there is value in it.


    All people, male and female, are created equal and are of equal potential when born healthy and properly functioning. Yet, each sex has specific roles to perform in the society that the other may not be able to perform. It is the duty of both men and women to provide for their families. However, it is natural for women to bear offspring and it is the duty of men to protect and provide for their wives and children. In order for the society to perpetuate itself and to continue to exist in the future generations the division of labor is essential and should be maintained in a just and fair manner.


    The people shall unite in political affairs to challenge and confront major opposition particularly in instances where they are of minority status. No division shall be allowed when the well being of the people is threatened. The people shall form alliances worldwide to protect their interests, wherever they may be.


    The people shall have the natural and divine right to self-defense and self-preservation at all times. They shall have the right to protect themselves from all attacks, no matter where it comes from, and to be prepared to defend themselves without question. The people shall have the right to take all steps necessary to eliminate and stop acts of war, genocide, or destruction placed on them by anyone anywhere it occurs. The people shall have the right to free speech and to freedom of worship.


    The people shall have the natural and divine right to have their own lands and property anywhere on earth, and their own lands in any nation or region where they are overwhelmed by others, so as to preserve and protect themselves and their interests. The people shall have full rights to all lands stolen from their ancestors – lands they worked for and were not paid, or lands where they were among the aboriginal inhabitants before such lands were occupied by others.


    The people shall have freedom of religion and of worship. The Supreme and Divine Mind being regarded as an unseen force of nature, with evidence of such existence represented by the Sun, nature and other natural phenomena. The traditional religious beliefs of the people shall be respected, and no action shall be taken to stop fair, traditional and lawful religious practices that do not violate the natural rights of others. Those who govern shall have no right to influence the religious beliefs of the people, and religious leaders shall not have the right to influence through force or trickery person or persons.


    The survival of the people and the maintenance of the family structure is and shall be of the greatest importance. When the survival of the people is threatened, whether through a lessening in the actual population, the passage of oppressive laws by the Council, through deliberate economic or social oppression and other means, it is the duty of the people and the righteous among them to take efficient and effective measures to stop the perpetrators, no matter who they are.

    Marriage and family togetherness helps maintain a strong and growing population and family structure. People have the right to have progeny, to have children and to have descendants, and should take all necessary measures to maintain the creation of progeny, when such rights are being threatened, whether by the encouragement of infanticide upon the people, or through the separation of male from female in order to keep the natural growth of the population. No immoral acts and taboo practices shall be acceptable. No children shall be considered “illegitimate,” although the society should promote marriage and strong families as the primary thread that binds the society as one.


    The following rights are among many that shall be upheld, and the right of the people to defend such rights shall be fully applied when they are threatened. And so it is declared:

    1. The right to be protected by the laws of the community or nation lived in regardless of wealth, tribe, nationality or status.

    2. The right to separate and independent territories to avoid scorn, hatred, oppression, violence, acts of genocide and destruction on the people by those more powerful.

    3. The right to decent and safe places to live

    4. The right of the people to buy and keep land collectively and individually. The people shall have the right claim all lands that were once theirs that were stolen, taken through fraud, settled without compensation and agreement, or gotten through invasion by the present occupier.

    5. The right of the downtrodden, oppressed and destitute to receive help to alleviate and eliminate the causes of their suffering, regardless of their geographic location.

    6. The people shall have the right to protest and to protect themselves when oppressed or when attacks are being planned against them. The people shall have the right to self-defense and self-preservation.

    7. The accused of a crime shall have a fair trial, and if found guilty punishment shall be no more or no less than what is regarded as just. The guilty shall pay restitution to the victims.

    8. Secret societies organized by the people and not connected to the governing shall be organized, and shall not allow those in power to abuse the people, to oppress or to rule or implement unjust laws. Secret societies shall check the power of the Councils and shall work to prevent despotism.

    9. The sick and invalid shall have the natural right to care and help by immediate family members, the greater society and the governing. Those chosen to lead shall approve funds for the caring of the disadvantaged.

    10. The education of children must be conducted in a way as to thoroughly prepare them for the world, where they will be efficient in all fields and professions.

    11. Children between the ages of twelve to eighteen years old and young adults between eighteen to twenty-five years old shall be eligible for training in all types of skills to prepare them for the future and for adulthood.

    12. Both males and females shall be eligible to inherit from their parents.

    13. The right to improve one’s area of expertise in order for one to be able to apply his or her full potential.

    14. The right to protect oneself from harm, from violence and other negative forces, using all and any means necessary to achieve such defense.

    15. The right to protect one's wife and family from immorality and to apply moral solutions to problems.

    16. The right to have the opportunity to be the best one can be and to fill the highest position one is qualified for regardless of social status, sex, tribe or nationality in accordance of the laws of the society.

    17. The right to protect even the guilty from mob justice and to safeguard the enemy troops from retaliation without trial upon capture.

    18. The right to have the goods of the common pot and to encourage contributions to it.

    19. The right to migrate out of an area of oppression or bad economic development or agricultural production.

    20. The right to remove an invader or occupier from one’s traditional lands or territories

    This constitution has been in existence since the time of Osiris, and cannot be changed for reasons of applying unjust laws, unfair rule, tyranny or collaboration with enemy invaders.

    This Constitution of the Ancestors and the Declaration of Natural Rights is the first and oldest constitution ever written and composed.


    With raised palms to the Sun or light representing the Sun say: “I swear upon this Divine Constitution of the Ancestors, to uphold it, to fight to defend it, to sustain and to keep it, to pass it on to the future generations, in the glorious name of Amen.”


    1. I shall not commit iniquity.
    2. I shall not rob with violence.
    3. I shall not steal.
    4. I shall not murder; I will do no harm.
    5. I shall not defraud offerings.
    6. I have not diminished obligations.
    7. I have not plundered the Neter. (God)
    8. I have not spoken lies.
    9. I have not snatched away food.
    10. I have not caused pain.
    11. I have not committed fornication.
    12. I have not caused shedding of tears.
    13. I have not dealt deceitfully.
    14. I have not transgressed.
    15. I have not acted guilefully.
    16. I have not laid waste the ploughed land.
    17. I have not been an eavesdropper.
    18. I have not set my lips in motion against any man.
    19. I have not been angry and wrathful, except for a just cause.
    20. I have not defiled the wife of any man.
    21. I have not defiled the wife of any man. (repeat twice)
    22. I have not polluted myself.
    23. I have not caused terror.
    24. I have not transgressed. (repeat twice)
    25. I have not burned with rage.
    26. I have not stopped my ears against the words of right and truth. (Maat)
    27. I have not worked grief.
    28. I have not acted with insolence.
    29. I have not stirred up strife.
    30. I have not judged hastily.
    31. I have not been an eavesdropper. (repeat twice
    32. I have not multiplied words exceedingly
    33. I have not done neither harm nor ill.
    34. I have never cursed the king.
    35. I have not fouled the water.
    36. I have not spoken scornfully.
    36. I have not cursed God.
    37. I have not stolen.
    38. I have not defrauded the offerings of the Neter. (God)
    39. I have not plundered the offerings of the blessed dead.
    40. I have not filtered the food of the infant, neither have I sinned against the Neter (God), or guardian of my native town
    41. I have not slaughtered with evil intent the cattle of the Neter. (God)


    This proposition is named after the date that the calendar of the Africans from Nubia/Egypt under the leadership of Thoth, and the Africans of the Mandinka-Shi civilizations of the West Africa/Southwest Sahara accompanied by the Venus Shaman and warrior-priests was established in Mexico and North America. That event occurred in the year 3113 BC. This marks the official date of the establishment and unity that created the “Olmec” civilization in North America, and the continuation of a relationship between Africans from Africa and the Mongoloid American Indians, who respected each others culture and thrived for thousands of years before Columbus, and who recognized that cultures interact but preserve their uniqueness.

    This proposition also recognizes the fact that the original and aboriginal peoples of California and the southwest were the Black “Mojave” – the Black Californians, the Black Constantans, and that the legend of Queen Calafia, after whom California was named, is about a Black Amazon queen who ruled California before the Spanish occupation in 1725, and that a Black population did in fact exist in California and they were enslaved by the Spanish “Californios” and ranch-owners (see African Civilizations of America)

    Hence, any attempt to meld and blend Blacks or any other people into an Anglo-Saxon dominated entity, where people of Anglo-Saxon or any other group retains their own ancestral culture, racial identity, languages, religions and history – while destroying that of others – is nothing but the continuation of a racist, genocidal policy that was established during slavery when the tongues of Africans were cut off for speaking Mandinka, or American Indians were beaten for speaking their languages. Thus Proposition 3113, "The Right to Self-Preservation and Cultural Respect," stands for:

    1. The human and natural right of people to recognize, maintain and preserve their own cultural values, customs and traditions and that forced, propagandized or legislated attempts to make groups, races or cultures “melt” or disappear is a crime of genocide.

    Proposition 3113 recognizes that the trend in California or anywhere in the U.S. has been for those in the “minority” cultures to speak the language and recognize the culture of the majority Anglo-Germanic/European culture, and that most people in the U.S. aspire to be part of the dominant culture – while maintaining their own cultures and traditions – and to be recognized and respected for who they are, and not be molded into some form of cultureless slave.

    Genocide is committed when the old techniques of the slavery era days and the era of pacification of the American Indians (and peoples of other nations) promoted the destroying of the cultures and identities of other groups which is still policy in some nations today and has brought about unspeakable misery over the centuries. People will not and have never accepted being without identity, without ancestral roots, culture, language, religion, history or land. These conditions fortified by racial and other types of discrimination while forcing others to be lesser “copies” of the majority who are “created” to take an inferior position in a racist caste system (as is the case in India) is an insult. Thus Proposition 3113 recognizes the following:

    1. California, the southwest, the southeast, the Mississippi Valley, Mesa-America, and the Virgin Islands have had a Black, Africoid population since prehistoric times, and a Mongoloid-type Native American population who recognized each others cultures and accepted them for who they are, and that the application of the “Spanish Experiment” (similar to propositions that do not recognize race, ethnicity, or cultures of others and attempt to wipe out these facts) was applied on Black Moors in Spain/Europe in the attempt to “Christianize” and blend out of existence the African Black Moors, Abbasids and Jews of Spain and the American Indians of California and Mexico, must not be accepted in California or anywhere else, for it is genocide of the worse type.

    2. The indigenous races of the U.S. are Black, Red and Brown peoples who include the Mongoloid-related Native Americans, present Black American populations of the Americas (Negroid/Africoids who are a mixture of pre-Columbian Blacks and Blacks of after-Columbus eras with some American Indian ancestry), Mestizos (American Indian, Spanish and African).

    3. The indigenous, as well as the settler races, should have equal rights to preserve themselves and their cultures while recognizing and respecting the races, ethnic identity, national origins and cultures of others.

    4. The idea of destroying cultures and peoples by using trickery and laws to “blend” them in while the dominant group remains intact in their original origins, cultures and languages, is racial and cultural genocide. No one should be forced to “melt” into what they are not, or to forget their cultural, history and origins.

    5. The people should reject propositions and the idea that “color blindness” should be applied when collecting any data where racist policies deliberately applied to oppress others are not “color blind,” but impose and promote racism and racist policies in education, justice, housing, jobs, media and elsewhere. The society cannot be “blind” to the plight of the people racism is being practiced against when their color is the criteria being used to discriminate, and has been for over 500 years. Hence, it is humane and within the idea of basic human-rights recognition to track, account for, and eliminate personal racism, institutional racism and genocidal policies (like massive confinement, brutality, infecting with diseases, promoting and selling of liquor, tobacco and drugs through music), used against groups as occurred in Europe during World War II, when the policy was “racial hygiene,” and ethnic cleansing was applied with devastation.

    6. The use of racial profiling (by authorities, shop clerks, school personnel, and others) and the collection of data to maintain racist policies and racism continues to be applied to Blacks and others. The collection of data based on race to discriminate, the recognition of “pseudo-scientific” data to maintain racism is still in effect. The belief in false information supporting racial inferiority (such as that used to destroy Headstart and destroy the public school system in urban communities, while keeping those in wealthier communities who are well-funded and staffed) are examples of data being used and collected to support a racist, fascist agenda, where “color blindness” is not recognized. The idea of not recognizing groups for their cultural, racial and ethnic identify and contributions, yet picking them out for policies of genocide and racism and “ethnic cleansing” (massive confinement and removal from society, imposed joblessness, ghettoization in slums where the rent is much higher and more an issue than the tax issue of the wealthy), is a clear violation of human and natural rights against Americans.

    7. The people reject the idea that we are a “colorblind” society, or that a “colorblind” society that aims to make groups disappear or not recognized for who they are, while maintaining racism as appropriate. The attempt to change or “melt” or be “blind” to force or legislate ethnic groups, races, cultural groups or national groups into a lesser version of the dominant culture, or create a caste of groups who are all the same culturally but socially stratified with no identity or culture to gain strength from, is an insult and is nothing short of genocide as one sees in the caste system of India and southern Asia, and the old slave system of the Americas and the Middle East.

    The fact remains that people and society are not “colorblind” in the same way that nepotism, classis and racism, cultural domination, and forcing of the culture and religions of the majority on other groups has disappeared.

    The fact that a Black population of 16% (42 million people of African racial origins/blood/appearance) consists of 60% of people confined based on laws that targeted this group based on their race and color and circumstances (large percentage in poverty, lack of adequate education; large percentage substance abuse, etc.) shows the hypocrisy of the idea of “color blindness” because in this condition of racism being applied, the victims were and are victimized based on their color and race, based on a system that is centuries old.

    Finally, for some – what “color blindness” they would work to eliminate calling some people “white” and adding privilege to this color for anyone with “white” skin, no matter where and when they arrived in the U.S. – has an advantage due to skin color alone, including light-skinned non-white people. People would be recognized by their national origins and ethnic cultures/names. Thus there would be:

    American Indian/Native American.
    African-American (a combination of language, cultural and racial group from the Niger-Congo linguistic family and region of Africa)
    Africans of Americas (Blacks of Brazil, Latin America, Caribbean)
    African (Africans not from the Americas)
    Africoid/Asia-Pacific-Indian Ocean Negroid (Blacks from the Indian Ocean, India, Melanesia, Fiji, Australia, Sri-Lanka, Germany Scandinavian, etc. (Northern European
    Anglo-Saxon (Northern European) Irish
    Spanish (Southern European)
    South American (national origins)
    Slavic (Russian, etc.)
    Arab, Jew, other Middle Eastern
    Northeast India (Punjabi, etc.)
    Southeast India (Dravidian/Negroid, etc.)


    Again, thank you so much Queen. May you sit on the Council of Elders...and may God continue to send gales toward the windmills of your mind...