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Nov 18, 2016
Russia , China and the US all have troops in Africa now, and it is mysterious how ebola just happened to break out in the nation that has the worlds largest resource of coltan and lithium, resources needed not just for cell phones but more importantly for the electric battery car that will replace the oil powered car bus and truck! The importance of Mobutu and after many years later Kabila, was to wipe out any urge, desire or iclination of any group , organization , student body or youth, of restoring the ideologies and ideas of Patrice Lumumba !
After the fratricide of 2 million 20 years fter the Rwanda genocide, White Global Supremacy and their Yellow loan sharks , noticed that African nations once again did not unite , to stop the fratricide , therefore they feel assured , that a recolonization of the Congo, will be a easy deal! However the competition for the rare earths will be fierce and the new military theater in the next 5 to ten years will most def be in central Africa! Maybe the reason why the Joker in the White House , pulled troops out of Afghanistan and Syria , in preperation for central Africa after the so called clean up is done in Somalia ! It is very likely that Russia China and the US may very well wage WW3 in Africa and may very well use the nuetron bomb as genocide, then take the rest of the surounding gold diamonds and uranium after the fallout blows over !

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