Black Poetry : Patiently Waiting...

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    Please forgive me cause I write
    And then I post and it may not be polite
    But I have experienced so much pain my life this has been the best way to let it go
    To be a example that their more to me that I show
    That I'm on my way to shine, but right now I glow
    And to know me is to know me and that's the only way you'll know
    But through it all I've learned most of all to grow
    That I have reached an age where I just want to go slow
    Where I can feel the beeds of sweat holding your hand cause I'm nervous
    But everyone deserves to be loved and I deserve this
    But until that time comes I'll continue to write and post
    And when that special person comes then I'll brag and boast
    See I write, it's my passion, so I do
    I'm just waiting for that someone to write too
    So hit me up, inbox me, give me a clue
    And for you I'd write something true
    Something beautiful
    Something complex like Saturn's rings
    But until then I write until these aches sing.