Black Poetry : Patience is a Virtue

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    One of which does have an end...

    I learned it the other day among the enemies I called my friends

    Sweet promises, no fruit

    Lying hearts, no truth

    Lost souls, no roots

    Old lessons, for my youth

    Why do fools hurt you...

    When for their sake you do bend?

    Left me wanting for more, after I'd been there time again

    Call on you, not there

    Call me out, not fair

    Look for you, nowhere

    So now, don't care

    I can pull up dirt too

    And I can list your every sin

    Shed light on all your deeds and the low places that you've been

    Go on, throw a fit

    I'll stop, when you quit

    Want a lesson, this is it

    Payback, she's a ...