Black Poetry : pathetic and whack to be energetic and black and don't

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    pathetic and whack to be energetic and black and don't
    get credit for your act may as well do crack, hear voices
    whack while on a horse's back been rattle and I'm in the
    saddle ready to ride out of town feel like i got the pride
    of a clown, better slide down off this horse, write hardcore
    threads sweaty in the forehead hands soft and moist from
    holding the rope and folding quotes packing them in my
    saddle bags, ill with this like Will Smith this is the wild
    wild west and my style the best and i sugguest yall read,
    anyway went to the park to meet a chick and greet her quick
    her lips so sweet and slick she's wearing black lace and that
    was an act of grace wanna take her back to my place, she could
    be a fatal atraction with plenty wine but to get action of any kind
    I was setting pretty comes to TV I been a host but need to talk with
    GLEN CLOSE or MICHAEl DOUGLAS the lovliest day of my life, have
    to come with absolute game or face acute pain when turned down
    her perm is brown the concern around town is whose her man?
    “look boo you got mad treasure and it adds to my pleasure to see
    You here today no better true sincere way of putting this I wanna
    Kiss your sexy red lips and stuff, now too restricted to think plus
    Addicted to drink this thug tonight is sipping on Budlight holding
    My mug tight so boo this could be love first sight”