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    This is a very light yet filling dish. This is a meal comes together quickly too. I can’t take the credit for it. My grad school roommate used to make this with chicken. And I used to eat the hell out of it. I must insist that you using canned tomatoes and frozen veggies. For some reason the flavor works better versus fresh. Go figure.

    A bag of frozen California blend veggies (any brand) or any other veggie you like
    -has broccoli, carrot, cauliflower
    ½ cup of frozen diced onion. If you use fresh, use ¼ of a cup
    Canned tomatoes (I like the ones with the garlic flavor)
    Pretty short pasta (I like fusili or bowtie. But you can use anything even macaroni)
    2 or more diced cloves of Fresh garlic
    2 tablespoons of olive oil (or ghee)
    Feta cheese, or parmesan cheese, or nutritional yeast for the vegans.
    Seasonings to taste


    Cook the pasta according to the pasta cooking directions. Cook as much as you want. Remember this is where the calories will come from. But this is also where if you need to stretch the meal, you do it.

    I like to throw the frozen veggies in with the pasta but close to the end of the cycle. You don’t want anything over cooked and you really are just defrosting and warming the veggies.


    Add the olive oil (again I want to sing the praises of ghee) to the pot that you boiled the pasta in, and sauté the garlic with MEDIUM heat until soft. I want you to leave the garlic in the recipe. Burned garlic is bitter. If you burn the garlic all is not lost. Just take it out. The oil will still retain the flavor of the garlic

    Add the pasta and the veggies back into the pot and toss around until everything is coated. This is the time to add your seasonings. Salt, pepper, oregano, basil, whatever. I like the Italian blends.

    Open the can of tomatoes and drain off the juice. Stir in the tomatoes and allow them to cook until just warmed.

    Walla! You’re done. When serving, sprinkle with the cheese or cheese substitute. Very pretty meal. Will impress company, even if you can't cook. I swear it's the tomatoes!

    Note: You can add meat to it if you must
    Tastes good the next day, but doesn’t freeze well.
    You can add all different types of veggies. I like asparagus and
    spinach in mine. The above combo is a jumping off point.
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