Black Poetry : Past In My Future

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    Sometimes I become lost,
    can't seem too feel reality.
    Pain filled with angry,
    of what my past has brought to be,
    Though distant memories feels so very close to me,
    the rage in my eyes is there just look and see.
    The hurt from it all, just bottled up inside,
    the hunting questions of the What, If's ,and Why's.
    All the spoken lies, all the times I cryed even if it was just inside just
    just to hide my pride.Uncertaintity of situations, lack of communication.
    youth my disadvantage, leading to my desperations.
    Hiding behind a mask, I begin to wear it constanly,
    so cold I became numb to all the pain life brought to me.
    Love for love, seem to fade from within,
    and hate filled my mind, fueling my rebellion.
    No longer trusted, the smiling face,
    detested the friendly words, despised the human race.
    Distress heart, couldn't feel it was broken,
    Blinded eyes refuses to see I was suffering.
    I remember being frighted by the one I had trusted,
    my tribulations paying so much of me I became worthless.
    No money, just empty pockets, family struggling to make it,
    became a adult from a child in just a few seconds.
    Putting my pride on line for survival,
    inraged at myself, we became rivivals.
    No stablity, always inconstancy, No peace,
    just battling a war in me.Though age has brought
    me into a new direction, my past still haunts me,
    won't let me live, immature in the ways of how i sometimes deal,
    the innocent face still at times seems unreal,
    the true words, only conniving is what I hear.
    As though a tantrum I sometimes explode,
    as a shaken bottle that can no longer hold.
    Resentment of undealt issues still perplexing,
    I try to live the future but the past still gets to me.
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    forth thou prayer is da key
    to get pass the past of thee
    ya warm heart and gentle soul
    is a true story yet told
    inside the mental hold such pain
    from the yesteryears of dis thang
    but ya future is bright
    look into da light
    come wit me take ya flyte
    to da far place to caress ya mind
    sho u everything is fine

    it sometime hold us all at a point
    but some how we ova come the myth of it all
    just allow self to see far ova the yesteryears
    and into the bright future of what will be
    the past will dem in due tyme ....tyte scribe of emotions