Black Poetry : Parting Is The Sweetest Sorrow In His Mind


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Mar 17, 2001
South Jersey
United States Air Force
It’s been said that love is blind

When it’s gone, we reflect on
whether we could have done
something or said anything to
sweet-talk it into staying around

But in truth, love sees exactly
what the heart allows it to see
and feels what it desires to feel…

This, a mutual interaction, is no exception;
there was and is a purpose to the

& the
in poetical love terms



no purposeful lines of passion
sought written over two souls
can ever replace what love means
if believed, not merely thought,
to be true

So there are
EYES now very wide open
to a
SOUL that was once very wide shut

Now the floodgates of emotions are
spilling all over in his mind

Ironic isn’t it?

The beginning has no end
as words expressed to like minds
happened over a kewl jazzman’s

intensifying your poetical
"what if" dreams and wishes
to love
your love poet


perhaps even without much thought
of whether he could dream within
your same dream of WE


So he continues to sing along with
the chorus of your heart beats…


from the
deepest of his depths

from where he writes to
keep two together as one


and his words are
symphonic to your heart’s
soul—thus an inevitable
capturing of

his autographed
quality love scribe
seals your dreamy fate




Unknowingly, you became
a part of him that no one else
nor even he, could see since
he didn’t know until now

parting is the sweetest
sorrow in his mind
and in
your own mind
you both
believe this to be true

For that reason…


to keep him within your
mental confines so that he
can always be a part
of your life
G~R~O~W as your
feelings do for he
who remains

as he is today, tomorrow,
and forever…

Then there will never be a need
for him to feel such bittersweet
parting sorrow in his mind



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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies

This is a very mellow piece that speaks volumes! I'm lovin' it brotha... keep on doin' the great things that you do!

N2 :heart:


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001

loud & clear ya heard in dis piece
of truth and u wonder what if
as too what i could have done
man ya dead on point...:rolleyes:


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Dec 20, 2001
Very Rich piece poet!

I feel parting can be the sweetist part of sorrow.
Tyte scribe poet! tyte!:)


Well-Known Member
Mar 27, 2001
Well... Gentleman
of Quality. You know
you never cease to amaze
me? It wouldn't surprise me
if you even amazed yourself,
poet. This piece is definitely
where it's at and I felt it
somewhere around right here...:heart:

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