Black Poetry : Particular Event

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    Particular Event

    Look my choice dense but I have horse sense don’t bet
    On a phony pony in a race fars as cash dudes, I won’t get
    Paid, had lunch a whole bunch but some bold niwit stole it
    Now lonely and hungry want a Big Mac that’s my whole skit
    But hold up wait a minute can yall throw some French Fries
    Up in it? my task is to defeat in New York last week surprised
    It was closed, stay deep and always keep a supply of rhymes
    Handy along with wine and brandy sip from cups sometimes
    Online free and history been kind to me but I intend to design
    A new style that’s run crew wild and a true boo howl when
    Having sex and be grabbing the kotex to wipe down then
    The tongueing start and cumming is a part of it panties drop
    Candies hot even vigilantes stop in their tracks without plot
    “Girl you still mine and you will be kind to me while I play
    With hairs around your brown thing renowned bling so hey
    You my girlfriend and as the world spin I intend to take you
    To bed boo my head is spinning, know your panties are stew
    Beef and very wet, and carry jet fuel for sex duel let me touch
    It, because your heart is soft so lets start off with a kiss much
    Activity after that lets get it over with, got a bolder gift known
    As a passionate kiss, have corrupt fate never struck a date grown
    To know my luck is irate and may change wanting a pint of cake
    Is not a giant mistake wanna be defiant on a date so boo can you take
    Me home like Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam? Girl no joke the world
    Is in revolt sojust hurl your coat on the rack sit and relax got pearl
    Around your neck