Black People Politics : Part 2: Trump's Journey Thru The White House


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Sep 27, 2005
This post keeps getting buried - But Eye will still rise to the top! - Now Who All Voted for this fool?

:kaioken: This is some b/s :kaioken:

Trump's New Overtime Proposal Would Deny Overtime To 8.2M Americans


Only 15% of workers would be protected from working 60 hours a week without additional pay.
The Department of Labor recently released a "proposal to set the salary threshold under which almost all workers are entitled to overtime pay to $679 per week, or $35,308 for a full-year worker, in 2020," according to the Economic Policy Institute.

But if the proposal is implemented, it would deny approximately 8.2 million additional workers, who would have received overtime protection and benefits under Obama's 2016 Labor Department proposal, overtime.

The Obama administration Labor Department raised the salary threshold to $47,476 in 2016, but months later, in November 2016, a Texas district court judge blocked the implementation of the rule nationwide.

Since the Obama administration's proposal was struck down in 2016, employers can force people earning as little as $455 per week or $23,660 annually to work over 60 hours a week with no additional pay than if they worked for 40 hours.


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