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    Get down to the nitty gritty
    By Andre Austin

    Dear Corn West:

    I have something heavy to lay on you. Let me pull your coat to Rush Limbaugh. In your book Brother West (BW) you told Rush that you didn’t mind debating this ultra extreme conservative. I did object to you calling him “Brother Rush”. Your book BW went into printing Oct of 2009. Big Rush crossed the border line of Dubois problem of the 21st century November 1st 2009 on fox news when he called President Obama a “man-child” with the adjectives of “Over-his-head” & “immature”. Big Rush basically called Obama a 21st century Sambo. The Black community has been fighting the Caucasian since 1619 for our Manhood. Black people were the first called Cowboys and the whites cattlemen. The Press is willfully ignoring Rush’s race belittlement because he’s a big cash Cow bringing in billion of dollars in advertisement. They refuse to shine the light on his racism because then they would have to hold him accountable for it.

    Just what was Sambo. “The Sambo stereotype was so pervasive in antebellum Southern literature that many historians, without further research, argue that it was an accurate description of the dominant slave personality” (The Slave Community by John Blassingame p.226). The Sambo personality was believed to be ignoble, imitative, childish, lazy, superstitious, immoral and stupid”. Rush has characterized him on his radio program in all of these categories. Cheney said he was Dithering=nervous excited or confused condition. We remember the old Hollywood films showing the Blackman nervous with his eyes getting ready to pop out. Now president Obama is a smart Harvard graduate and the media has often said he was Mr. Cool, calm and collective. This was not just a political problem it was a religious problem Blassingame states how the Catholic priests “Taught slaves that their masters were their fathers” p.68. They knew better because Jesus said “Call no man your father upon the earth” (Matthew 23:9). Elijah Muhammad had taught the Black masses that “All of this is completely out of line with the true worship of god. The Pope takes his place as the head of the Christian church, while the church at the same time claims Jesus Christ to be its head. But in reality, they recognize the Pope (Father) as being their head” (Message to the Blackman p.286)

    So what are we to do Mr. West? Should we get on Big Rush’s case like a fly on **** or white on rice. Should we ignore it and wait for another racial assault to come?

    The second part of this letter, or interactive book review is to ask you about Afrocentrism. I have three of your book: The Cornel West reader, Brother West, and Race Matters. In all of your works, these three works you never quoted:

    1. Stolen Legacy by George GM James but you cite William and Henry James
    2. Black Spark, White Fire By Richard Poe but you cite Edgar Allan Poe
    3. Diop on The African origin of Civilization but you cite all of Western Civilization

    Why did you leave them out of the debate but willing to debate Rush Limbaugh?

    I then started to have some suspense when I read Brother West. When you were 18 at Harvard you invited Imamu Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones), who was insulted by being introduced by a “Two bit Eurocentric wrong-headed pseudo-Marxist slave to western thought”. Baraka didn’t graduate from any college but taught at University Of Michigan and was the architect of the Black studies dept there. You say in Race Matters that Afrocentrism is misguided because it thinks whites are hostile and puts black doings and sufferings, not white anxieties and fears at the center of discussion. And its retrograde views on women, gays(p7). Now the above three books I mention doesn’t meet the negative part of your talk down on Afrocentrism so why haven’t you mention them or works like them. You did mention J. A. Rogers who is called a pioneer with Afrocentrism but you only cite a work he done on Jazz. I know that you’re a big fan of Dubois and I’m told that: “Nearly sixty years before academe was convulsed by Martin Bernal’s Black Athena, Dubois contended that northern European scholars had gradually foisted upon the historical interaction of Greece and Africa a racist paradigm elevating Aryan culture as the source of ancient civilization” (W.E.B. Dubois by David Lewis p.457). Now Afrocentricity seeks not victory over the Whiteman but genuine reconciliation. And its political drive is to reduce their arrogance. You are a deep religious man. Afrocentrism seeks the origins of Joshua upholding having god upholding the sun for victory. Afrocentrism seeks out the plagiarism of Joshua from the ancient Egyptian God Shu who hold up the sun and moon as an symbolic attack on their religion. And the freemasons taking on its symbol of holding up both hands in the air seeking emergency assistance. We want to know why the Hebrews replaced Amen, the honorable spirit and replaced it with Ruach as the wind moving across the waters. You as a deeply religious man would want to have the curiosity of some of Christianity Legacy stolen from the Egyptian but you ignore this debate with Afrocenity. I will also be asking Henry Louis Gates why Afrocentrity is excluded from the Norton anthology. Gates said “If Afrocentrism means there is a melanin theory of human behavior and knowledge, or that only black people can think black thoughts, then its just academic rubbish” (Everybody Say Freedom p298). Well the three books I cited above aren’t written by African-Americans but they are Afrocentric and they don’t come close to Gates or West negative aspect of both of you.
    Gates even attempted to help Bernal get a review unsuccefuly in the New York Times.

    In the future we must try harder to be more inclusive into the debate. I know if we can bring Rush Limbaugh to the table, who thinks Obama is a modern day Sambo, I know we can let the Areocentric in shedding its negative parts.