Parents,will they ever understand us?

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    May 29, 2004
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    "Don't do that son","Are u crazy daughter","U've deceived me"...That are how the most of our conversation with our parents end!As soon as u r a teenager n that u wanna express urself,it seems like they don't allow us to make some experiment.Maybe they've been through,but is it sufficient to be so strong with us?Often we've rebels!Our generation don't want t give up like this!For example:mum tells u not to take drug n u become a drug addict!Daddy tell u not to drink n u become a drunkard!Why r we so attract by interdicts?Maybe b/c we don't want'em (our parents) to live through us!We want to have our lives in our own hand but thatz an illusion!As true as no one is not an island, we could not be the only persons in charge for our destiny!Parents n us should be like a team;u make some concessions n i make some concesions so that we can progress n be in harmony!But what we observe is that none of the Teens and the parents want to do the fist step!Parents say "no",cuz they take themselves as the way to follow,n teens say "no" cuz they wanna be different of what their parents are!How can we avoid hurting our parents but make'em understand that we are alive,we have an heart,a mind,n we don't have to follow'em in all they want!We should follow our own way.We can change our destiny in the good way if we r surrounded by luv n support!As long as we fuss and fight,nothing really good can happened to us.So what should we do?
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    There aint a thing to do to change things......resepect your parents but take your own path cause they aint gotta live your life. They have valuable advice but you gotta know where to make your own decisions too...I'll let you know quick, If you follow all they say and it gets you in a bad situation, they aint gonna appologize for it.

    An interesting excercize is to remember all the major battles on lifestyle and when you reach your mid-20s, discuss with your parents and you will see that sometimes they saw what you were saying all along but had a reason to ignore certian things that came out your mouth.....other times they knew you were right and did not want to admit it.

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    lets ask the question: "will we ever understand parents?"

    in every case parents are the way you described them. and yes, they raise you thinking "this one's going to be perfect" and when they see you are just the typical teen, they freak out and blame themselves for not raising you right while shoutin at you sayin "girl you know i did NOT raise you like that!" or "why you gotta show off in front of your company?" it happens, it's life. but you must also recognise all the things parents have done for us. look how far you've gotten with them. now imagine yourself without them... nah sayin?

    just embrace them and understand where they come from. they only want what's best for you... even though sometimes it doesn't feel like that. they know a whole lot more than you think.

    another thing, parents are not trying to live through you, they are trying to make sure that you live your life better than they lived their own. i know sometimes parents would loved to have seen things their way but try to deal with it.