Black Poetry : Parental Guidance Suggested

Street So'ja

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Mar 19, 2001
Brooklyn, New York
Your mama taught you fairy tales when you was little
Tried to hide you from the things from you which were brutal
Like some people do suffer and some blow up like FUBU
Some will show love and some will abuse you

I say show the kids both versions
Cause once they're old they will be uncertain
Can't decipher between fantasy and reality
Growing up thinking everything is made by Disney

Sheesh I ain't mad at ya
Too much looney tunes and you've got a cartoon character
Strictly "old brain" no new mesh for the outer cortex area
I mean LOVE kid games too, just set barriers

Don't hide the REAL cause when they get older they'll be in shock
Thought it was what it was but It's not what it's not
Some people have condos and duplexes on their block
Some blocks consists of empty lots

My mama give me the FRONT of greater society
Instead of being real with me
For myself I had to see
Then I had trouble with sobriety

Couldn't handle the truth because I didn't know
I didn't know
Which way to go
Ebb and flow
The highs and low

So when I talk to the youngsters I talk to them real
Not like some baby and a happy meal
Not all kids learn at the same pace
But be straight up and don't lie in their face

You think kids don't know stuff
But they know more than you think they know
Some off the cuff
Kids are not fools
And most of the bad stuff I learned was from the other kids in school
And if you grew up with a nanny
Then you'll never understand me

for you non-medical people the "old brain" handles functions like breathing, heart rate, hunger needs, have you ever heard of "brain dead" well that's the "old brain", it will keep you alive on a primitive level with NO thought process
your brain is a muscle, exercise it like you exercise your biceps and quads
Parent or Guardian

That was nice!!! I'm still a bit of a youngin so my friends say. But I've always been younger than most people i know. You speak the truth, and I'm definitely feeling ya. Show it for what it is. Because i see too many people my age...even me sometimes. Still living in Disney land and don't want to see the true earth for what it is. And in return a parent can hurt their child more than keeping them safe. Always in need of an intellectual word every now and again. I will definitely have to share one of mine with you. I may post it today...i have to look at first. ;)



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