Black Poetry : Paraphernalia in the club a failure to find love got cake plus always take the bus listen to Black H


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May 11, 2006
Paraphernalia in the club a failure to find love got cake plus
always take the bus listen to Black Hip Hop that's really a must
in VIRGINIA BEACH much on his menu as the search continue
help society as he felt anxiety kept a variety of love the wind blew
hard, lost his cap while he spoke boss crap hope to toss some rap
on his fitty cap and be witty with a map after negotiation perhaps
pinpoint location make a notation in his tablet the flow of information
is a habit pull a rabbit out his hat like WHODINI or true Jeanie
this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH eating them weenie beanies
get sex from a cute and no doubt lace have to execute an about face
after a dumb stare become aware of a chick quick wanna kiss her lace
and lick her body throw a quick party then go to bed her lips glow red
now see well got vitamin V12 because of the dairy queen ice cream
the thrilla of vanilla on a cone ready to gone home after this extreme
flavor exist wanna major kiss this girl's milk shake bring boys to
her yard need to talk to KELIS oh **** she may have to charge boo
even with jive stats she arrive at conclusions, plumb lost in thought
now come across caught on phonics fought with EBIONICS but taught
to survive, so this is how we do this first a true kiss and then a date
this begin the cake, see a PHILLIPINE CHICK started dream quick take
her out to the movie no doubt a groovy show of love then go to the club
and get some wet tongue while the DJ play a tune she got hips , lips love
and equipped with date apparatus on cake status which leads to a hug
her body is a party sweaty and ready for some action among that is satisfaction
and maybe a crazy fatal attraction need to talk to GLEN CLOSE, in fractions
his body begin to toast, can't afford to find his lover in the arms of another
alarms would clutter his mind for real this kind of sex appeal with smother
his goals,” “SO LOOK boo he be true to you so what you gonna do? Butter
is involved on this job girl your door knob will be turned thrill to learn
that you can be his girlfriend and make his world spin hair in a perm
in an affair earn your love, PHILLIPINE GIRLS are hot in VIRGINIA BEACH
so boo his car is here can go to the bar have beer dilly dilly reach
for the BUDLIGHT wanna a hug tonight wanna make love right but teach
me how to DOUGIE


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May 11, 2006
him how to DOUGIE, so boo his bling is tight and this bring to light the sight
on shiny jewelry in the fight of fury to be known, he shown stuff to ignite
so like foot-ball he stumble on junk and fumble the punt can't front
with a score need more to proceed to pour rhymes sharp and not blunt
her romance is phat he wanna take a chance on that hunt
for the formula to her sexy lips” “NAW PLAYER she have on VIRGINIA BEACH
panties and they wet being a playette boys really try for pie and reach
on WiFi to text for sex and next the love talk do come, so many love
facts around and boys track them down and comeback to hound and hug
so she have sweaty PHILIPPINE thighs and the cream flies down there
boys come around and stare she aware of this, and she have stuff to share
it's about the huff and puff who dare say different, boys try amuse this sweet
but she refuse to speak she kinda stuck up like them trees words from the street
she have lace and butter wanna take her from one place to the other boys quicker
to git some but may lead to a particular outcome and her juices do get thicker
sex and breasts remain in the express lane and boys approach fast like
a coach to class her perfume trap a nose as boys rap flows class and hype
oh PHILLIPINE girls go through a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH her fruit is ripe
the cute type, facts from Cally thrown into the back alley of BLACK
HIP HOP South Central that is, yeah we kissing but wow she believe
he be fishing for plain trout then he's on the main route back to receive
her wet love she need help her thing like wet beef ready to to accept
a set of beliefs “LOOK BOO he shook over her kiss can hurl an alarm help
to twist a girl's arm with a world of charms try win her over with a whack
speak end up in a stolen NOVA backseat other words a heavy CHEVY attract
with dubs lead to acts in clubs true tonight in bling trying to do the right thing
have hot plans may have to drop his demands and stop to fan his body and sing
like NELLY it's getting hot in here got cake in his flows take off all her clothes
her body a serious stream and mysterious cream probably flows and glows
hot, he stay proud and say aloud some things so boo come bring him those kisses he deserve

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