Black Spirituality Religion : Parallel Universes are real: what do they mean?

So many different concepts being explored here....

Like Fine says from the observations of the ancients, we tend to ignore the depths and meanings they observed. I do have a particular interest in the Mayan calendar that science, in its way, might verify....and wondering why we do not have 13-month calendars?

Cosmic Messenger and Willa speak more of scriptural sources that reflect science, though not necessarily relies on it. Let there be light? I recall one of our extended discussions on the BSC religion board. I had posted something about a young masters student in physics in Kentucky who demonstrated in a laboratory how light could be generated from sound.

I personally prefer the notion of an eternal expanding universe concept over the Big Bang which I referred to in beginning this discussion. The parallel universes theoretical construct I find fascinating which, I might add, doesn't make it true....any more than Biblical or scriptural sources written by men (however "inspired") make it true.

Then Enki's statement, "Religion has no place in science." Yet I think religion finds its way there, or turned another way, from my Einstein quote earlier, that science gives us clues to what all of existence is....and with that our own human contemplations of what it is all about. God? Allah? Ma'at? What?

Religion grows out of such contemplations, as part of the mythological constructs humankind attempts in its varied interpretations of what is being observed.

I liked this one quote from Enki's parallel universes for "dummies" which I found intriguing as hell:

"....every moment of your life, every decision you make, is causing a split of your “now” self into an infinite number of future selves, all of which are unaware of each other."

I've thought about this idea a lot, many times. Like could our dreams and out-of-body experiences, whatever they are, be possible connections? Like, could we ever wake up into one of those "existences," completely astonished that "something" had exchanged our existence for one of those others? Like a girl I dated in high school, or college, as a wife, and kids I don't recognize? Or I'm puzzled to find I'm a dentist instead of a journalist? And I live in Buffalo, NY, and not California....and buried in snow?

I immediately think of that marvelous sci-fi movie, "Contact" starring Jodie Foster, a Ph.D space researcher seeking scientific evidence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. Then a mysterious "signal" from space that reveals that Earth has been observed for a long time, and a blueprint to build a machine, like a time-machine, that transports her into a fascinating encounter with an intelligence in the form of her deceased father who kindly, and lovingly introduces her to the infinite beauty of existence. She was pretty much an atheist thinker until this experience.

She returns to be disputed by a NASA congressional committee that does not believe her, or what she claims she witnessed.

It has, of course, religious implications, just as we hear from near-death experiences of a "tunnel of light" where the people experiencing them encounter departed family members and feel extraordinary love. And is this what "heaven" is?

We tend to see spiritual connections in these kinds of explorations. And we also tend to turn much of it into doctrine, and "religion." As more of an multi-cultural and interfaith thinker, I tend to believe we can learn from each other, that no single religious faith has all the answers, but that all have pieces of the truth, as in a huge puzzle of pieces shaped differently which I've expressed many times before. And, for me, science provides many of those pieces, as well as different cultures and traditions....with their different sciences intertwined in it all.

With best regards to your thoughts, and your friendship....


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