Black Spirituality Religion : Parallel Universes are real: what do they mean?

There is no acceptable form of slavery to any decent person.
There is VOLUNTARY slavery, such as slavery to work off a debt. Such forms of slavery existed in the ancient world.

I'm sure cosmology is what the authors of the Bible had in mind when they penned that particular section. I would at least encourage you to consider the last few years of the LHC and the resources I pointed out to you so that you can at least have a better understanding of what science actually says.
I know what the "science says" need to learn what GOD says!

I am done with this discussion.

Have a nice day.
You're still welcomed to believe it, but it's only going to get harder for religion as it gives up ground to actual knowledge and truth.

Nuff said......:toast::toast::toast:

Like an old black man used to say, "White folks have all the folks have all the superstition." :lol:


"When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer...superstition ain't the way".......S.Wonder

Like the bible...look up the word, and you will see an image of the bible right next to it.

BTW...The sun, moon, and cars are real...smdh



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