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Mar 3, 2014
11-10-14 Monday

PARALLEL UNIVERSES ARE REAL: says new Quantum Theory

Seeking a thought or two from an old friend, Dr. Karmella Haynes-Ferrell, a remarkable young Ph.D. professor and researcher in genetics from Davidson, to Harvard, now Arizona State University

To my dear friend, FINE, and others. It’s with some excitement that I post this. I am not a theoretical physicist, just an ordinary journalist deeply fascinated by this stuff.

We had many discussions of this kind on the Black Singles Connection, from its main discussion board to its religion board. For me, it enlarges exponentially my view of who, or what, God is.

So much talk has been had on the relationships between science and faith, such as these observations by Albert Einstein:

“I do not believe in a personal God and I have never denied this but have expressed it clearly. If something is in me which can be called religious then it is the unbounded admiration for the structure of the world so far as our science can reveal it. “(1954)

“I believe in Spinoza's God who reveals himself in the orderly harmony of what exists, not in a God who concerns himself with the fates and actions of human beings.”

This also brings to mind discussions with Dr. Karmella Haynes-Ferrell, who earned her Ph.D. in genetics at the tender age of 29. We who have been fortunate to come in contact with her regard her as a brilliant and talented, and who I feel will probably earn a Nobel Prize one day.

What this new quantum theory is saying is that, “other universes are real--and they exist in vast numbers.” And that they interact in mind-boggling ways with our universe.

The reason I brought up Dr. Haynes is that in one discussion it was her opinion that our universe is in a “liquid state.” And in a recent comment on her Facebook page, that as a genetic researcher, she quipped: “Kind of excited about exosomes right now. Just imagine cells sneezing little DNA & protein-filled bubbles onto each other.”

And I immediately think of our universe, in this context, as one tiny bubble interacting with others in a massive cosmic brine. To me, the notion of this seems so consistent with Karmella’s “liquid state” thinking.

The very idea of multiple universes I first came across in the February 2004 Discover Magazine about “What Existed Before the Big Bang?” In it a theoretical physicist disputed the Big Bang origins of the universe, that it suddenly and unexplainably erupted out of nothing, and instead poses that, “perhaps a nearby universe collides with ours, over and over, in a never-ending dance of creation,” or part of an “endless cycle of creation and recreation,” or an “infinite cycle of titanic collisions between our universe and a parallel world.”

The deeper we immerse ourselves into this thinking, the more fascinating the journey. Prof. Howard Wiseman, a physicist at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, and one of the creators of the new “many interacting worlds” theory, wonders about alternative scenarios to ours.

"In the well-known 'many worlds interpretation,' each universe branches into a bunch of new universes each time a quantum measurement is made. All possibilities are therefore realized--in some universes the dinosaur-killing asteroid missed Earth.”

Another question: are we duplicated in some way in these alternative universes? Like, had I decided to remain in the Navy as a career, where would I be in one of those other universes? What about my family? Would they even exist? Questions and thoughts that could have unimaginable consequences.

Or as Dr. Jeffrey Satinover observed in his book, Cracking the Bible Code, “In fact, quantum theory allows for, and experiments have validated, the following astounding principle: any aggregate of matter may spontaneously teleport from its present location to any other place in the physical universe for reasons unknowable from any information in the physical universe, and via influences NOT part of the physical universe.”

So, what about “influences” from parallel universes? Time travel? Teleportation? Galactic time “vortexes?” Out of body spirit travel? Are dreams influenced by these?

Such endless possibilities…..

This is up my ally.

A good movie to watch is The One starring Jet Li. This theory is also based on infinity because we aren't really sure what the shape of space time is. At the moment we think it's flat as opposed to a round shape, Carl Sagan did a little vid called "Flat Land". So the way it goes is this flat universe stretches out infinitely. So if space time goes on forever, then it has to start repeating at some point, and that is where you get your multiverse from.

Here is some more info to expound on what I've said.

The idea of Level 1 parallel universes basically says that space is so big that the rules of probability imply that surely, somewhere else out there, are other planets exactly like Earth. In fact, an infinite universe would have infinitely many planets, and on some of them, the events that play out would be virtually identical to those on our own Earth.

Thanks, Enki....I will surely look up your source. I had hoped when I made this Facebook post that I might have received a reply from Karmella Haynes. She is a brilliant young scientist who went by the name of "Geneticist" on Black Singles. She is a friend on Facebook. Her faith, from discussions on the BSC religion board, is Lucumi. It is African. When I looked it up, Wikipedia said it has Caribbean origins from the slave trade era, mixed with some Catholicism and Native American spirituality.

If I do hear back from her, I'll follow up on it. Again, thanks.....


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