Black Poetry : Para-Dime Shift

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    Some ask why I wait underneath
    timeless sheets of invisibility.
    I'd promise to explain if to attain
    I felt you had the ability.
    Not to insult, but it's always 'his' fault
    whenever I hear you talk of your woes.
    I won't dismiss the claim you make...
    because it takes two, I suppose.
    But in that vein lies the truth
    your lips hide often scheme to hide,
    the heartbeats full of pain
    and defeat felt deeply on his side.
    Even with regrets sharp as pin pricks
    the only thoughts that remain are his sins;
    Your wars rage on both stage and page
    despite the end result: no one wins.
    My gaze turns cold when looking your way
    because of the ice staring back at me.
    The fiery darts sent to my eye sight
    warns that a hookup spells catastrophe.
    I know heartbreak and schemes
    when I smell them approaching;
    Fine threads and body types
    with selfish motives encroaching.
    I know the familiar material
    from the repeating scripts that you read.
    "A Good man is hard to find"
    Is both your motto and creed.
    Magazines, articles, videos, and soundbytes
    to validate excuses to distrust,
    all to form the common conclusion
    that all men fall victim to lust.
    For years I've wondered
    If your eyes the truth would notice,
    if a time would come
    where you'd change your focus,
    if maturity would ever be
    the language you would dare to pour
    instead of a stance from which to spar,
    where love can start with the will to love
    admit our stance and start where we are.
    Believe me, I know your pains
    and share in the shedding your tears,
    But I refuse to be the one to suffer
    over one's past, insecurities, and fears.
    As daring as I am for the sake of love,
    I'm willing to risk loneliness as my fate.
    To love truly means all to me,
    So until love appears, I wait.
    (c) 7-29-13, Nyne Elementz
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    The whole piece is fabulous, but that ending is ON POINT!

    Sadly, too many of our Sisters are described here.

    May God lead you to the one who isn't.