Black Poetry : Papi Mario Is No Goat

Mario William vitale

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triple down economics as I sit back and recline in the tropics
sipping on Pina Colada being massaged by a woman growing fond of
thinking of the rap scene with things faling apart at the seem
got to put it over ice so it will make you think twice
its another chance at which to roll the dice
life isn't easy when your out getting busy some parts will make you dizzy
it's like a rollercoaster watching faces growing older
still think of my friend Eminem

polished suits with new work boots it becomes customary to applaud
now you got me thinking out loud on who is really the president
more power to the people embraced down by the church steeple
some have grown fond of Jane Fonda but who are they anyway
rap is the name of the game so I'm going to start its flame
dizzy in a haze for these forty days being stuck like a mouse in its maze
you all know we got rights it make you think about it twice

beaches to preachers in their late night double features
the creatures sapped all my energy as if there playing zombie
go run home to mommy it the midnight hour needs to take a hot shower
why do we even bother spreading love to all the masses give out free passes
So many trials & tribulations I'm recovering,
was living life not having enough but I'd had enough of it.
Still standing in a crowd alone;
where dark clouds up above are staying round when it's warm