Brother AACOOLDRE : Paphos-Venus pregnant by castracted St. Paul

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    By Andre Austin

    Paul is castrated then visits Paphos-Venus, a goddess impregnated by a castrated penis.

    “Isis, the mother of tenderness, the Goddess of a thousand names” (The Mystery-Religions p.246 by S. Angus). This is the same book Martin L. King cited in college when he talked about the substantial borrowing and theft of the Egyptian religion to Christianity.

    Isis was called Venus, the morning star. Pliny the Elder reported in his book Natural History;

    “ Below the sun revolves a large planet called Venus, with alternate orbits, and indeed its alternative names confirm its rivalry with the sun and moon. When it comes in advance and rises before dawn, it is called Lucifer, as being another sun and bringing the dawn. When, on the other hand, it shines after sunset, it is called Vesper (evening star)”

    Later in history Lucifer was a applied to a Babylonian king who was persecuting the Jews (see Isaiah 14:3-13). Then applied to a Roman Emperor Titus 666 who persecuted Jews (Rev 13:16-18). So it appears good and evil can come out of this star Venus.

    Venus is associated and worshiped in the wave-washed shrine of Paphos (see The Golden *** Book 11). Paphos is near Cyprus, which was once a colony of Egypt. After Paul is castrated in Antioch Acts 13:2 then they go to Paphos were he meets a child of the devil and a sorcerer (Acts 13:6-11). This is a remarkable coincidence of Paul being castrated then going to Paphos because Venus is made pregnant by Ouranos’s castrated penis that was thrown into the bloody foam sea. Then we Paul having a son Titus by the Holy Spirit because he has no penis to perform (Titus 1:4). It would appear that the mother of this Titus, which is Paul’s son would be Venus. Its strange too that another Titus, being the Emperor claimed descent from Venus which is a wicked coincidence.

    Joseph Atwill in his masterpiece book Shakespeare’s Messiah p.352 “the story of Paul castration is black comedy and is given in Acts 13:1-9”.

    Notes: Paul is nothing but a composite figure.

    Paphos-Venus is another name for Isis.

    Originally I was concerned with Fulvia & Paulina having sex with Decius Mundus pretending he was Anubis. Mundus would later say he wasn’t a God but just a man (see antiquities of the Jews Book 18 chapter 3 compared to Acts 14:12-15 where Paul is compared to Hermes (Greek Anubis but claims he’s just a Man.

    I was concerned with Fulvia being linked up with female body parts of Venus-Paphos with female pap-smear through the opening of the uterus which is the Vulva, the gateway to the Uterus. Vulva is similar to Fulvia. Then we have Jesus paps (titties) being mentioned in Rev 1:13.