Black Poetry : Panties Wet


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Jul 3, 2005
At work or at home or when I’m alone, thinking about you, you have my mind blown.
Just thinking about you and that thing that you do, that thing with your
tongue, d**n you got me sprung. You know that that thing you do
when you kiss me and the nibble at my neck…mmm- baby just thinking about
you gets my panties all wet.

And don’t let me think about how you lick and kiss
and cuddle and caress every ounce of my flesh
taking each nipple in your mouth nipping, sucking before redirecting your focus south.
Leaving a shiny trail as you slide down my body
stopping only to fiddle with my little button you know that drives me crazy.
As you continue down you inhale deeply by now I’m weak kneed.
My pelvis moves up uncontrollably needing your tongue desperately wanting
more but you tease me. You lick up my thigh and suck a bit then open up my jewel and let
the slightest degree of air escape from your mouth
and make contact with my precious pink pearl. A chill runs up my spine and all kinds of kinky thoughts invade my mind.
I’m begging you now but instead of fulfilling
my demand you cup my p***y in your hand and let your fingers take a dip in
my ocean of desire, my whole body’s on an inextinguishable fire. Then you
began to scribe a beautiful verse worthy of a Shakespearean title on my
inner lips and you make your way over to the extruding tip and take it into
your mouth. Our song you hummed and the vibrations cause me to erupt and
for just a moment time seemingly got stuck as my body coursed through
orgasmic channels.

Heart pounding, body throbbing, purely outstanding, amazing to say the
least, spine tingling, triple X rated memories. All of our rendezvous in my mind
I’ve kept- d**n baby with just a thought you get my panties wet.


Jul 2, 2003
Very Nice. :flamet: :blob fire:

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