Chief Elder Osiris : Pan-Afrikan, An Enemy Of The People

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    Pan-Afrikan, An Enemy Of The People

    Beloved Kwasi Akyeampong:

    Brother a very inspiring post, but so is the preacher sermon when delivering the Devil Doctrine from behind the pulpit, speaking the illusions of Religion, first of all, I Think it is Time for Black people to get away from labels and invented symbols and begin to deal with the reality of the Black World Life condition, and that reality is, all that look like you are not you, because similarities are about more than appearances, but is more about deeds and action.

    The Reality of the Black world life condition, has nothing to do with geographical divide of Black People, but of the collective divide, because regardless of where we are as Black people, our collective condition is the same, but we are treated different by those that have caused the difference in the divide of Black People, because such an act serve to their best interest, so to attempt to romanticize the Black Spirit ( attitudinal behavior ) and not to take into the reality that there are those of the same Phenotype of us, that has taken on a complete different Spirit from that which was of our life original Behavioral expression, meaning our Divine Spirituality, which was Divinely expressed, one toward the other.

    Therefore, such can not be said by those that wear their Blackness in self despise, the reality is that, by wishing things to be as they should, does not verify that things are as we wish them to be, and in order to get back to the original Black society we were once a member of, the first order of business is to recognize those that have chose to be Traitors to the Black Return, to our Divine Life way of living, which will come only after the Black World has been United again, absent of those with a record of aiding and abetting those that did cause the great Divide of Black People.

    The Reality is, Garvey and the the Royalty of Hallie Salasse Ethiopia could not ever have been united, because the course of Path the two chose to Travel, was in conflict and in promoting Divine Unity, there is no Compromise to this fact, because such a Status of Relationship, and such a quality of Unity, transcend politics, requiring that the Spirit of us all, must be known by its Divine quality and by the attitude and behavior expressed by us, which must serve to the greater Good for the Collective All to benefit from such Deeds.

    If I am confronted by a Fool and I know that Fool was not always a Fool, I am not to deal with such a Fool based on how the Fool originally behaved, I must remain Divinely Focus and deal with what I am Confronted with now, because as we Black folks can See, those of us who can, Afrika and the Black World is not as it once was, and to get it back to its Divine State of Condition, we must deal with the Reality that has gotten Afrika and the Black World, to be in its present state of condition, and the way to do that, is most certainly not to romanticize about what once were, but to deal with what is, and get about the action that will cause it to become as it originally was, and the way to do that, is to recognize that Many Black Folks have been made to become a Fool for the people with a History of Lying, Deceiving, and Abusing Black People, so much so, until what you now observe of the Black World, Is As It Is, and The Cause for Such A condition, has nothing to do with Labels and Romantic Wants, but is because there are those amongst us that have been influenced by those that did and do oppress Black People, they have come to be, angles of such a Profane Behavior, that which caused the Fall of a Once United Black Nation, and those who now wear the Mind of our Oppressors, regardless of the Time such a conversion took place, it is that profane Spirit of us now, that must not be embraced by Divine Black Beings and must be dealt with precisely in a fundamental terminating way, with such action being dedicated to Reclaiming Afrika for the Afrikans, and Uniting The Black Nation , which will come from careful, percise, and meticulus Purging of the Diseased Viruses the Black Traitors have become, and now to serve as a serious infection that prevent the Rise of a once United Black Nation, because the divine black being obligation is to reclaim the Land that once was under the Control of Use, by the Black so call Afrikans and to Unite The Black World, an obligation Black Folks has, that we all today Run from, prolonging the Demise of a Once divine United black Nation

    Only the People of Afrika Zimbabwe must be allowed to determine its Leader, without out side influence and when out side of Afrika influence seem to have the control of such a Political social matter, then Mugabe should maintain his Stand in the interest of the People of Zimbabwe.

    No Puppet Government should be allowed to blossom in Zimbabwe and all those that are now in Afrika must be dissolved by the continental Black so call Afrikan People and all of us that have been forced away from our Mother And Father Land..

    Be Kind To your Self

    Chief Elder
    the First Way Institute Of Black ( Afrikan ) Mysticism
    Sankofe Repatriatio