Black People : Pan African Mainfestation in Real Time is Needed Now More then ever Before

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    The assasination of Dr Martin Luther King, ocured strtegicaly after his visit to the liberated nations

    of the Motherland, and his many speeches, that caused a Cultural Revolution within the Black church to embrace Afrocentricty in one form or another.

    The deaths of Patrice Lumumba, Nasser and the coup against Kwame Nkhrumah and Julius Nyere, were paramount in squashing,
    the fervor and energy of the global Pan African focus.

    But the wisdom words and legacy of these great men and many others still lives on in print,
    therfore as the "Arab Spring" utlized the technologies of comunications,
    for their collctive goals,
    and youth use flash mobs for foolishness,

    why cant there be a "Flash Mob" of not foolishness but of scientific and mathematicay strategic conscious raising of the global struggle that black folk are facing right now.

    There is no reason why one out of 52 nations should endure colonization, or one out of 52 should endure starvation,

    an injury to one is an injury to all.

    As the US and the EU have given the monetary wealth to the top 3%,
    and are now crying broke,
    they look at Mother Africa,
    like vampires looking at a blood bank,
    and, with slavering jaws.