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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

The assassination of Pakistan's Bhutto was not a Terrorist assassination, it was clearly a political assassination against the former leader of Pakistan, Bhutto. a leader of the simple people, she was a secular leader of the people Lil Joe refer to as the Proletariat.

Must I remind you Black people that White people in power and their agents, regardless of Race, Lie, and has taught those that bow at the feet of the Human Being, to Lie as well, all to assume and keep power over the secular Have Not's of the World Society, but more so against the people upon this planet that once were considered to be people with an obvious Divinity.

There is a segment of White Americans that are very Nervous about what has just happened in Pakistan, the assassination of Bhutto, right before the beginning of America Election, this Assassination of Bhutto has nothing to do with Terrorism nor with Bin Lauden, who has been long Dead, yet the American Lying Deceiving media Commentators and Talk show Hosts, find it necessary to fan the fire of deceit, by implying that Bin Lauden is hiding in the Mountains of Pakistan and any Black Being that Believe such Blatant Lying, is no wonder you are believers in a Character that is the compilation of make believe.

There are certain segments of White America who know the Evil of their Father, some whom have chosen to no longer associate themselves to be a part of such an Evil Lying Family and that segment of America that is in defiance to the America that is today, is in fear of what the Evil side of their Family is capable of doing to the present day America, which no longer hold to the family Constitution of America that no longer exist today, to high esteem.

My warning is as it always have been to the Children of the Middle Passage, regarding what we need to do in order to save the Lives of our Children from what is to come to America, a Danger that can not be averted by the Thieving Americans.

I have steady told you that the hope and safety of the World is dependent upon the Reunification of the Black Nation and the reacquiring of control of all of Afrika by the Black Afrikans, yet you seem not to understand why I share with you such Information, which you do not only understand, but do not believe, and it is because of the fact we wear a Mind that is in a Caste and that Mind does not belong to Black People.

Beloved, rarely do you see me digress away from my central Theme, which is Reparation, Repatriation, Nation State for the children of the Middle passage, and to Hell with the Human Being Religion and nowhere in America, but only in that so call place referred to as Afrika is Black people safe and I remain consistent with such information, as so been revealed to me by our Ancient First way Ancestors.

The people that were out to Kill Bhutto and did succeed, they were not the people that the America Media is filling your Human Being Mind With, it being Wicked Information you Black People do not have the quality of Mind that will not allow you to deny, it being such Lies that are now going on about who Assassinated Pakistan Bhutto.

Beloved, these are very Dangerous and Final Times for America and the World of Capitalism, the Evil Economic Fabric that protect the Evil of the world and if we are Divinely truly in Love with our Children, we would not expose them to the Evil that is upon America, our Refuge is back in the Land of our Enslaved Ancestors ant the responsibility fall upon the Afrikans in Afrika to cease and desist with the foolishness we have been acting out toward each other and toward the Children of the Middle Passage, we who are the saviors of Afrika, if ever allowed to allow the Flow of this Energy that now is Flowing over this Planet.

These are Times that reveal the evil of Integration Assimilation of the Black World with the Evil of the human Being World and yet we still allow ourselves to be used as a shield for the protection of the Human Beings and their World.

Bhutto Assassination is purely a political one which serve to the interest of the Illuminati Faction, they who are capable of conducting the Behavioral Events and Action that take place in the World and the only Entity upon this Planet capable of Defying and defeating the Illuminati, happen to be the Black World in a Unified Relationship with each other, and it take a Divine Mind to be able to See and Understand the Spiritual significant of that which I now share with you.

You May Take it Or Leave It, I Remain Firm In That Which Has Been Revealed To Me.

Chief Elder

I vehemently condemn this assasination. And although I am no fan of George Bush, I find it difficult to see any gain to his/their interest in this. I solemnly believe that Benazir Bhutto would have been an infinitely stronger ally for George Bushes' "War on Terror" than Pervez.

Now let me ask this question. How does the fact that Bhutto made herself Chairman for Life of the PPP comport with our praise and extolling of her "democratic" genes? Why is it acceptable for her to shun democratic traditions when it is about selecting leadership in her political organization, but demand it whyen it is about selecting national stewardship?

Understand me clearly please, I have no dog in this fight. My one and only partisan loyalty is to black people, and I have absolutely no reservations about that unconditional exclamanation. I am given to examining things beyond their surface appearance however. And my curiosity is piqued by the conflicting positions Benazir Bhutto holds when it comes to democracy.
I admired her more because she was good for Pakistan than because she was good for democracy. Democracy means so many things to so many people that the word has become meaningless anyway. I mean, apartheid South Africa, the Jim Crow south, and Zionist Israel are/were all supposed to be democracies.

I have run across a few black folks who distrusted Bhutto. What is the source of this distrust? I mean, it can't be a yearning for democracy because the black folks who distrusted her also happen to be black folks who wanted what is best for black folks, not what is best for all folks.

Well not having walked the proverbial mile in the moccasins of Pakistanis, I cannot really evaluate whether Bhutto was good for them or not. And my natural intelligence impells me to examine any political entity championing Western Democracy while maintaining a monarchial system of transistional leadership in such entity.

Benazir Bhutto in her own words stated that she was influenced by the political process that saw the impeachment of Nixon, and wished to replicate that in her country. She said that in an interview. Obviously Democracy meant the same thing to her that it did to those in Congress and the Senate at the time of Nixon's Impeachment. As she effused in an interview,
It was the time of McGovern running, and President Nixon's resignation. You know, Massachusetts was the only state that voted for McGovern, so it showed how idealistic we were compared to the rest of the world. Recycling newspapers, I'd go around trying to recycle newspapers. I see a bit of that age come back in the sense of the environmental issues which are getting important, but less in issues of sacrificing yourself for the larger community. Now I think it's more an age of the individual comes first. Then it was more an age where we as individuals subordinate ourselves to the larger communal good.

So you took all of this back to Pakistan with you?

Benazir Bhutto: Yes. I said, "Why can't we change our presidents?" because I saw Watergate happening and President Nixon being impeached.

I saw the power of democracy. It was really -- I felt powerful. I felt my voice counted. And meantime in Pakistan my father had been trying to empower the ordinary Pakistanis and telling them that they could break free of the shackles of feudalism and a military industrial complex. So when I went back, my own experience put me a bit ahead because I had a broader experience. I had experience in Pakistan and in America, and I had seen it succeed. So I went back really at the right time.

I do not believe that it is off the wall to inquire why her passion and fervour for these democratic principles did not impact the internal politics of her political organization. As a group we tend to be too accepting of celluloid reality, and averse to the impetus of indigenous curiosity.

I do not know how you came to the conclusion that appartheid South Africa was supposed to be a democracy. The only ones who were saying that at the time were those who pronounced black people as 3/5 of a person, and they have never been the authorities I depended on for interpreting weighty matters.

When there is an equal perturbation over other folk distrusting black folk I will become concerned, or maybe even critical, of the distruct in the opposite direction. It would appear that all of the fallible human traits that circumstanced our enslavement and oppression only get attention when they are perceived ro be in black folk. And this is what gets curioser and curioser.


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