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    I recently did a poem from this title , but now come a question
    that lay on my mind why do so many whites who are racist against
    people of color / black try to betray as blacks want to be black and
    try with reckless effort when we can see clearly they painted black
    most of all can see through the water base paint , it's not that they
    are base in oil but why do they try to duplicate our life and style being
    a dullard when they can't define soulfully .

    I ask because i no Black and white is a common and natural colors
    look good on paper and nice mix to blend with atir but under sunlight
    white become pal red and black become blue see how these two don't
    match or blend from skin so they painted him black to V.I our community
    what make them want to use such profolio profile and try being black ???

    many want our style our walk our talk our women / men our hair style
    our beat and music i was watching last night this white guy trying to
    sing Blues which was so far off key it made me sick i turn fast almost
    toss my hammer through the screen why do they paint themselves black
    when we can see through water base paint ??? :confused:

    y'all help me out here please! before i really get to :skillet:
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    First of all, Rich, let me say, you sure are a true poet. The whole form of the question was laid in a poetic illustration. This is a poem in itself, so bravo, for the creativity being shone with the question at hand

    Really, I can't fully answer the question...maybe I'll leave it up to others to try and contemplate. In my point of view, there's not one way of being black. I think that some see our culture, its complexity, its intensity, and they get intimidated by it. So we get belittled into a few looks. The thug, The jazz musician, the pimp, the hustler...or for women, the diva, ABW, the baby mama, ghetto non class ***, etc. These all are a part of our culture, but I think that people, white and other cultures, get so caught up in what seems to be the "black culture". We are more than the stereotypes, or what's glamorous to white people. Some of those things that are on the surface, people think is the deep root of the culture. It's not. Some feel if you don't talk a certain way, act, feel, think, dress, watever, a certain way, the blackness is taken away. It goes back to how society perceives us, and how we in turn see ourselves Those are the things that like you said, "Painted Black", It has no core, it doesn't instill the history, it doesn't instill the struggle. the way i see it, blackness is in the skin. It's not a way of life. It's not a fad. NOt only white people do it, other cultures as well...and I think they need to get over it. Because im sure they do not want the struggle, im sure they do not really want to be black. Personally, I think that along with blackness, is strength. Some of us ignore it, but there's strength, because that's sometimes what we need to get on. White people can't withstand what they've put us through. gimme a break, yeah right.
    I'd like to see that.

    Yeah i ain't answer the question. sorry. Just wanted to up this one. ain't nobody else answer.