Chief Elder Osiris : Pain And Fear Is An Evil To Divine Truth And Reality

Chief Elder Osiris

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Jan 3, 2002
Pain and Fear Is An Evil To Divine Truth And Reality

By Chief Elder Osiris

There Is Much More Where This Come From.

Keep Sharing The Divine Truth And Maybe, Just Maybe Somebody Black Might Hear You.

When your mission is Divine and your guide is Experience, then know that you move in the company of the Divine Truth and Reality, and there should be no one you allow to detract you from that you know is the solution to what is causing Black people pain.

A painful people, and Black people are painful people, such a mental condition serve not to the benefit of the painful, but to the action there from, come total submission to that which you are fearful of causing you pain.

So today, Black people are painful fearful people, and such a state of mind hinder you from acting in defense of your life.

There is no greater emotion that serve to the greater evil than pain and fear, it keep you from being able to Think ,so to see clearly what is not in the best interest of your life, in this instance, the Black Afrikan life, is not a priority of Black people.

Pain is a demon and Fear is the evil coat it wear, people not in control of their mind, is a slave to pain, and the thought of pain bring fear to the mind, and a fearful mind will not do anything to cause pain to come unto your life, unless forced to do so, and if such be the case, you serve as a victim to fear, always trying to escape the pain it bear.

When pain is anticipated, fear become your leader in life, and under such emotional strain, you are no good to anybody but to your enemy, the one that is capable of causing the fear associated with pain.

A people been lied to and deceived by others all of their lives, and those other people represent to those people been lied to and deceived, pain and fear, then in no way will you be able to get the victims of lies and deceit to rise up and defend themselves against such symbol of injustice in the eyes of Black people.

Pain and fear act as a tranquilizer to those who are not in control of their mind, a Divine mind capable of eradicating pain and fear from your mind, is a mind ready for freedom for that mind life.

Today, Black people, you being a victim of anticipated pain and fear, if you would rise to act in defense of your life, such a status of the Black life would have you to be respectful of your Black life, but it is the fear and pain we carry of those that have us bounded in their religion, that now prevents Black people from being a self respecting people, thus without the power to require respect from others, concerning the Black life.

It is the belief of pain and fear, that maintain the followers of Lucifer Religion.

Black people are afraid of Jesus, and is fearful of what is told to them would happen if without the love of Jesus in their Mind, (Heart) so Religion and Black people submission to religion, all is maintained because of anticipated Pain and Fear.

There is no life worth living, if being dominated by Pain and Fear, the evil that maintain control over the lives of a Black Afrikan Nation, a Nation that will slaughter each other and will allow others to come into their land in pursuit of their own, but will bow down in submission at the feet of an illusion, Jesus, out of Fear and anticipated pain.

Black people today are drowning in the sea of Religion, washing themselves with the soap pf fear and is using the towel of pain to keep dry from the liquid of Divine Truth and Reality about the Black life, which sustain their steadfastness in a state of mind of ignorance.

So, there is no wonder why Black people is under such mental control by the belief in Jesus, such serve as the slave master of Black folks life fate, such is grounded in Fear and Pain, the duo of Evil, whereas in Divine Truth, there reside the comfort of freedom, resting in the sea of wisdom and bathing with the soap of Divine Thought and using the towel of understanding, the ingredients capable of causing you to not be a victim of Fear and Pain, which prevent the mind from having Divine Thought, a Dimension where Fear and pain is not present.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

Chief Elder



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