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The Age of Aquarius
Sep 27, 2005
This word is misused so often that Eye am always amused when Eye hear someone use it to reference religious as well as non-religious holidays and events as though they know what they are talking about and are using the word within the context of what they are talking about when in fact they are NOT. PERIODT!!!

The word comes down directly from the Romans when the once occupied Ancient KmT and who were making fun of the "rustic villagers" or farmers in Ancient KmT who practiced the 7 Hermetic/Universal Principles (Reference: "The Source", Page 117, Adam Parfrey & Maja A'Oust)

And we all know the 7 Hermetic Principles have nothing whatsoever to do with anything religious or otherwise!

The profane will mock this research and continue to ignorantly misuse the word; while the learned will unlearn and relearn how to use the word correctly.R (19).jpeg


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