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    The ones who have arrested the minds of the once Divine (Afrikans) do not want you to know your True self, and it is evil to not tell the Truth.

    In order to be successful in All we do, and in the case with us Afrikans, who All of us Is our Problem, it is time to Piss or get off the Pot.

    We must allow the Sinew of our Souls to be Pricked, and see the Pro-Vision and Program our minds to Plan, and Prepare for liberation, so we (Afrikans) can escape from mental slavery, out of the Pit and Prison, into the Palace and Paradise, Back to the Pyramids (right Afrikan mind-set).

    Otherwise we serve no Purpose and we are no earthly good, and we will remain a People of regurgitation.

    Are we here to destroy the illusion with a desire it will assist us on our journey to wholeness/Oneness?

    There is absolutely nothing we can do ritually (outside of self) to be One with the Divine Reveler we call God. The ceremonial ritual Is the conscious, subconscious, Divine Reveler, Cosmic Univerde, Nature, and listening to the Voices of our Divine Ancestors. We are The Rituals. We are the ANSWERS.

    It Is done by being Something Special, and that Is Being The Change The Afrikans/World Needs To See.

    For All those who have no desire to Unite with a Proclamation to demand Afrikans Liberation, Please show your support by sitting on the sidelines and be a Cheerleader as we who do continue the Pursuit in the Chambers of the Holies of Holies, where Spiritual secrets resides, as we head toward the frontier of the future on the outskirts of the City of Eternity (other side of the evil mind-set).

    There you have It. Another showdown for Just-Us/Justice why we need to Be that which we were Originally designed to Be, a People of Original Thoughts and action.

    It Is an awesome Place to Be (within Divine self), when we are free to Be loving, never expecting loving in return, and loving others, knowing there is absolutely nothing they can do about you loving them, and no laws against loving.

    In a Palace and Paradise All Is Precious. What else can be said to get us Afrikans to Know that we are Precious and treasured cargo? ACT NOW, for the next nanosecond of our Afrikan lives we could end up like the dinosaurs (ones that is hopelessly outmoded or ungainly.)

    Afrikans/world liberation is simple.
    0 (God)+I (self)+It (Truth)+Is (Reality)=Divine

    HIGH on GAGUT (God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem) The Blanket condemnation that destroys the oppressor's institution. Oyibo

    Afrika (us) is still Paradise in spite of Her/ (our) conditions.

    Here is loving My Beloved Afrika. Peace In and Out.

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