Black Entertainment : P. DIDDY IS A HOT MESS

Yeah, I've never liked him either. And I honestly never understood his fame or talent.

However, although I think he might be gay I don't think there's enough evidence of that. I think a lot of the behavior described is based on the idea that there are gatekeepers in the entertainment industry and people have to make the decision to perform whatever the gatekeeper wants or else the opportunity will pass to someone else.

And always the idea is that it's always sexual. I've heard accusations about Quincy Jones too. I'm just not convinced. The gay thing makes it more of a conspiracy theory to me.

The problem with conspiracies is that people have to be willing to keep secrets. And typically there has to be some motivation to do so; either financial interests or survival.

We just went through a come to Jesus moment in history with the #MeToo movement. So there wasn't a better time to come out and say what and who were guilty. And with a woman claiming that Jamie Foxx sexually assaulted her for an "unspecified" amount, a lot of people make these allegations just to get paid. And there are videos on youtube circulating about people, voiced by AI, without any real evidence because the whole point is to be click-bait.

Even Bill Cosby wasn't above using his position of power to play a similar role in saying "hey I can help your career" but does that mean that the entire relationship was predicated on that? Did everyone on the Cosby Shoe have to eat his Jello Pudding?

I don't think so.

I think the people most vulnerable to this are people who probably wouldn't have a good chance without that person's "help". Because if Cosby was trying that on someone strong or someone incredibly talented he would know they could make it without him and then would be more likely to ruin his reputation. Just like a Catholic Priest, you would have to target someone who is less likely to talk. But it also doesn't have to be predatory. Although, it's not ethical, you could A want to help the person, B. be sexually attracted to the person, and C. efforts to help them may not be successful, making that person think their choice to engage sexually was for nothing-leading to bitterness at their own decision and attempt to use the person helping them for the opportunity which may or may not have been exchanged for sex.
So in all this time, the person closest to revealing something of actual substance is 50 Cent and that was off a perceived invitation that offended his manhood? Because yes, that sounds weird outside the context of a producer-to-talent relationship. Maybe Combs didn't look at it like a date or that he was planning to buy stuff for 50. And even if he did, I can imagine producers taking talented entertainers shopping in order to secure them to their label the same way that A-list celebrities demand special treatment and can ask for things to be provided to them. I could see Combs suggesting this as a purely professional courtesy; something he learned from white people.

And yes, the bodyguard witnessing Combs and another man in towels does sound suspect. However 3 things.

1. The bodyguard has a story to tell and that could be motivation to tell it in a way that leaves out details that would make the story more understandable. After all, if he said, "they were on their way to get a massage or had just gotten one", done. Then it would be like why are we listening to this man and all of a sudden the bodyguard's 15 min are up.

2. Why isn't the bodyguard afraid to tell this story if Combs has his secrecy game tight? If he doesn't have enough secrecy to keep his own bodyguard from revealing this story, why would he even attempt to hide something darker that the same bodyguard or others would see? Makes no sense. If he's that reckless then the internet should be full of stories just like there are stories about Trump.

3. I have to assume that the bodyguard was no longer working for Combs when he said it because who would do that to their employer if you want to keep your job? So if he wasn't employed he could be disgruntled. Either way, he would have less to lose when it comes to revelations. But the most he has is 2 dudes in a towel? I've lived enough to know that there are other situations in which 2 dudes could be naked; especially if there were women there that left earlier than the bodyguard's arrival or if there was a sex party occurring somewhere in the hotel. I've been in such parties so I know what it's like. I also know they are commonplace but there is some secrecy involved because... everyone doesn't want their business out there like that.
do any of these aggrieved women have male relatives ? boyfriends ?
if some one did that to my daughter or niece or sister or cousin he would be dead.
the fact that this guy is still walking around makes me doubt the story.

And that's a good point, James.

It's one thing if a victim has a reason to keep the secret. But if they don't? They would at least tell a best friend. When a celebrity is involved these stories could be sold for $$$. And no one sold it?

People sell out for money. We saw that with R. Kelly. People were basically letting him have their daughters because they were blinded by the dollar signs in their eyes. If the person is broke your people beat him up or kill him. If the person is rich you sue.

No one saw what happened to R. Kelly and decided they could do this to Diddy? I highly doubt that. Whatever he did was probably consensual which I think is true in a lot of these cases, including a lot (not all) of #MeToo cases where people simply tried to trade their sexual power for opportunity.

They don't tell because they were partially guilty.


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