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    Is to make myself the best human being I can in th
    Did you know that it is a medical fact that CANCER cannot survive in an Alkaline body? Cancer can only thrive in an acidic body.

    While I am not authorizing any particular water oxidizing company, I am going to inform about three water filter companies that seem to have a water filter that has been highly recommended in pumping oxygen back into the water to return it to the PH Balance that was present before the Industrial Age. The age wherein toxins were introduced into the environment polluting the water, air, and earth.

    Kangen is the Japanese word that means "return to origin." In other words, their oxidizer claims to change the water back to the original state of alkaline balance.

    I went to a meeting wherein I met a room filled with joyous African Americans who talked about the benefit of Kangen Water. The testimonies from some at the meeting were about the healing of their cancer, diabetes, open wounds, and even improvement in autism as a result of drinking and bathing in the water, as well as soaking their food in the water. These people claimed the toxins were drawn out of the food they soaked in the water and they noticed changes in their skin and hair.

    The Japanese company Enagic is the promoter of what they call Kangen Water. The small oxidation machine Enagic manufactures is priced at $1,800. The smaller machines is used for beauty and drinking. The larger oxidizer costs $3,900. Expensive indeed. The larger machine can be attached to your shower to shower with, soak in the tub with, drink, clean your home, soak your food, etc. Again, it seems high in cost but in the scheme of things, far less than what one would spend on doctors to cure disease. As I said above, I am not authorizing anything or telling anyone to forsake their doctors for the water, only giving you information.

    I did not go to any meeting other than the Enagic meeting but in researching, I found an American made oxidizer made by the Tygent USA company which is less costly and claims to be comparable to Enagic. The other is made via the Jupiter company.

    I have posted the links of all three companies below. It seems the American companies are disparaging Enagic, but I put their links there so you have an comparison and can make up your own minds. Quite naturally each company proposes their oxidizer is the best. As I am told, the Enagic is the only one approved by the Japanese Health Department. According to the Tygent link, this is not true. Again, the info is there for the readers to determine for themselves.

    Read in good health.::slobber:
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    more bandaids i see

    it's sad i see why this reality is failing

    instead of working on why the cancer rates are so high

    they continue to give bandaids out

    if you look at the year 1909 and 2009 you see a great rise in cancer

    something changed along the way

    but nobody seems to look at and fix that

    then the prices of these "oxidize" machines are priced so high

    so they're not trying to help anybody

    it's all about profit/money

    and illusion

    placebo if you may