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Mar 18, 2003
As I inhaled the essence of this loving soul, this great nubian nuru, never in a million years did I ever imagine that he would be so beautiful in person.

His beauty engulfed my soul, his scent carried me to a place called eternity. Yet, he overlooked me. When he speaks, I hold my breath that I am careful not to miss a beat of his words. Yet, he overlooked me. The sparkle in his eyes show forth the strength of a thousand kings. His poetry speaks of a love that my soul has never experienced. Yet, he overlooked me. He overlooked the real me. He overlooked this passionate nubian pearl, that desired not to just rock his world, but to be the rock in his world. He overlooked the virtuous woman that seeks her resting place.

The very sound of his name gives me an opportunity to exhale into another dimension of his poetic soul that I glide upon, taking me to another level of intimacy. Yet, he still overlooked me...

peace, poetry, above all, unconditional love!

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Mar 17, 2003
Houston, Texas
17, 11th grade at GPHS
i feel what your saying, i know where you coming from and all i can say is that this piece is down to earth, it don't get anymore deep then this....


Mar 20, 2003
Peace to you poet, I wuz feelin' ya wanting & strength of your needs, to be acknowleded. Well done, such urgency poured thru from the ink of your pen, most def' hit home.

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