Black Poetry : Outlaw: Your Color Is Your Ignorance and Their Racism Plus Colorism

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    Once you know thyself
    then you are no longer ignorant
    plus you cannot play into their hand of racism and colorism
    as you will find you are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind
    in work needed to be done
    to yourself and yours truly of your own family tree
    and see people are going to look at you funny
    while the likeminded individuals attract more and more to you
    as they have aspects to offer
    considerably business and economics
    and more higher aspect of deepness....

    And see females are very important to business and economics
    so you have to be on point
    cause after they birth the world's population righ?
    That's how Trades ties in with Business and Economics
    and business and economics would not be without a world population
    and you got fools on the board of world population control they created
    though let me tell you something let me tell you something
    if you got a business
    then you ultimately control
    the world's population
    as least from your family tree
    cause every female has about anywhere between 40-60 eggs of her whole life cycle
    so you do the math per female who is married into the whole tree and etc.
    now do the math on food (to be frozen, preserved and fresh) per acres
    if let's say she gives birth every 3 years for 12 years
    and you do the variables from there or perfect conception of males and females
    by altering her body and yours chemically naturally as the ph balance
    and see if you up on game too
    you would write who you are by lineage(s)
    to include each and every last one of your seeds too
    in order to further create artifacts of yourselves
    now you changing the game silently
    and make sure you write to the private library you got
    and stop doing it in public...
    you making yourself look like fools
    now make them look like fools
    and be humble about it all
    and if everybody or a mass majority start checking off "other"
    on forms of countries who do not honor who you are
    then okay it is on them
    cause when the statistics come out
    guess what is going to happen?
    Just guess....
    you killing two birds with one stone
    by progressing yourself by lineages
    and going back to them all actually
    if you can or just outlaw as usual
    though note it all down
    and the colorism you speak of yourself
    when speaking to people
    by using or substituting their racism and colorism of words
    for your lineage
    and see you correct them by not even having a confrontation with them
    you grow them up by being knowledgeable of thyself
    and keep on smiling
    by thinking how you think
    while they think how they think
    that's why knowledge is power
    when you know how to use it wisely...
    and see some out there are still getting slain in vain
    cause was not educated but eh people are dying everyday and night
    all over the planet
    and i can tell you this from being in the Pentagon and CIA propaganda laws will definitely back it up as it is legal anyway so what i am saying is really nothing new
    if you are educated...
    they put out to attract in order for the masses to react emotionally
    as it is all intelligence
    and see these copycats out here just keep on repeating it like a repeater piece of Information Technology
    knowing they wrong i mean highly wrong
    then again maybe they are highly uneducated
    then again maybe they are the agents....

    "you know you can never get a shortage of undercovers if you catch my drift unless they cowards to they heart with no power out for the notoriety they never had like a little child wanna be clowning and ruling...then again it is there job to play they part and so play yours. Geah...."