Black Poetry : Outlaw: You Wanna Be Realer?

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    Learn your business
    and economics
    from a subjective
    and objective view
    i had to travel the world
    but wait a second though
    i remember when i was on that
    bench at my high school
    just days before graduation
    everybody was like why was i in deep thought?
    Little they knew
    i already knew i was going to be a statistic
    but not that negative one before my early times
    even though i came close just days after my graduation
    i paid attention to them stock market commercials
    but the entertainment of this and that
    all shuck and jive getting the emotions loose righ?
    Yes yes indeedie
    that's i roll alone in the flesh
    keeping my people with me
    who be non-flesh we be scratching them foes out
    doing what we love
    and ain't giving one dayum about yo chest
    because your head game be bobbing to this hear gain related maxims
    though i am not the one who knows it all
    i can put together all the pieces of any puzzle
    it is just the mystic in me and you
    though you choose to ignore yours
    and even flip yo switch of enlightenment off
    like i said before if i had sons
    we would be the greatest the world has never seen
    cause inside our world we keep plans revolving around each block yasee
    giving daps to them fists
    plus moving locomotive
    not even knowing what time it is
    but fools still buy watches
    flossing looking stupid steady clowning
    and they only mission is rapping...
    can't even put a manual of technical instructions together
    as a fifteen page booklet
    on why your product is safe to the public
    and sound to every consumer who invests into that product
    using a temporary insurance called a warranty
    replace your compact disc of bullshyte
    with some scenery music
    by letting down your windows
    and just feel the vibe as the greatness is good to you
    still and very often emotions get ruled
    haven't you heard of this side of the planet getting more negatively feminized
    you got men who cannot think and protect they neighborhoods let alone a community
    they just follow along with whatever it is out there like the cowards they are
    they got no heart
    so therefore they oversight of their own family tree got no trigonometry
    all they got is game of triggers
    hoping a trap can be snapped
    and guess who is the bait?
    and i gotta let you go on that
    because Malcolm X is in the house....