Black Poetry : Outlaw: War & Peace


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
See i learned to not be around
certain types of groups
and you learn that when you growing up
taught to you
and i got taught by my people
so my mission is near and dear of my people
i ain't together with no one out here
cause when they turn another path
guess who gotta keep on his?
That's righ.

See my Royal Tree
we got our own problems
i and others have to solve
and society cannot save them
so we come together
during family reunions
texts and calls
feelings and psychic connections
to remain in touch with each other
and that is real
and we can say yes it is true.

See these others out here
who ain't from my Tree
i don't know their Tree from a can of paint
and that's real you feel me?
And having sex with one of their females
ain't gon solve the reality of not communicating
cause maybe it is best to not communicate
and block out others
so you can focused more deeply on you and yours truly
nothing personal
it is just getting more and more spiritual these days and nights

See I am militant minded
so any and everybody no matter who you are
is an enemy to me
so i gotta stay in the best shape wholistically that i can
no competition with another nah
though with myself
if my kickboxing fail off
then i gotta get better and better
than my last times
if i cannot eagle shoot anymore
then i gotta get back and remain steady before pulling the trigger again
same goes to education
if i haven't furthered my own education
better than the last times then i am lacking
the proficiency of being standard tactic and technical
i am out-dated and expired of the certification of i am suppose to be futuristically as the be
and you see this is where Imhotep comes into play on the real
like you just do not become a multigenius overnight or by remaining stagnant nah
cause that Sun sees you clocking
as well as the Moon sees you clocking
master yourself and remember enemies
comes and goes
life comes and goes
most of us kill without even knowing it
and no prayer can help prevent it
as it is natural even when you step outside you done killed a matter
a mundane
yet when you attract likeminds of the same ambition
you gotta problem already...
everybody the same
from a perspective
though their strengths are unequal
and unmatched
from many levels and angles
so you learn to play your part
while that ego subsides
and everything will be alright
yet fools fall prey to the opposite gender
cause they never seen a opposite gender like this and that
which she is nothing new under the Sun and Moon either
the same female over Afrika is the same as the Ireland female is
come to Mexico and find one the same as in Canada
though they different in their own ways to be different
cause when you compare and contrast you get into the Egotism
and a female really cannot do anything to you that a male can
just like other mundane of nature out here too
i see a so called fox out here due to the image and association of the English or England-ish word
put together it is called artificial intelligence cause somebody told me about it
or i read about it from a English point of view
and not like the real intelligence you get while on the go
or died flatline and came back type of intelligence...

when humans defend to offend
like the Falcon
to the young
in order to restore Peace to their territory dimensionally
everyday and all day and night.

You out here resisting to die a lesser than your last times
is called War
within yourself and outwardly it is noticed
cause people recognize you as a Leader
without a doubt
an Alpha
females are less likely to approach an Alpha
who is passive-aggressive
cause how can you approach the Wind?
You can only enjoy the temperature
the feels
the suddens
the thrill
the highs
Wind brings you
and if you capture the Wind
then you are indeed Supreme...
yet there will be no more War
now will it?
You know the dramatic of it
the back and forth of it all
the range of the unpredictable of it all
the dreams of it all
the nightmares of it all
the curiosities of it all
the life of it all...
you can stand still in the Air
and make your movement
to Wind about
and go faster with it
to Gust
and you Gust on harder
until that Peace is satisfied
the Youth within yourself is tired
to be relaxed
is when the Old reveals its face
you realize you are Time
stopping everybody
or starting everybody
cause you tick their tocks
you Educate
and every once in a while you show feelings
to let the heartless know you are realer than they can ever imagine
and it may frighten the masses
you may even be called names off any planet
cause they Egos are limited
while others sit back and laugh
and do exactly what is expected
of their future times in order to get ahead
and if you never challenged yourself
then really you ain't doing nothing...
oh it took an outside force to make you change huh?
That is the same as peer-pressure...
you never grew up
and never stood a chance to be who you are
rather who somebody else wanted you to be
and see that is the real conflict
and why humans mask themselves
and females are masters of this all day and night long
they wear masks to keep you from knowing who they really are...
and see you can too learn to be educated by any female
as everything around you is just a cover it up
as a matter of fact just get a revolver and load it up
and make your 50/50 chance you will never come back
or be paralyzed
while you have an ambulance coming in
and the sirens loud
and a dear real Soul by your side watching it all
pull the trigger as soon as the ambulance pulls up...
if you comeback to tell the story of how you saw the real
then watch how people look at you fake....



Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
If Hitler was successful then his whole regime and lineage would have change the face of the planet you and i would be just as he said it would be and you would have never knew nothing about an artifact of who you are unless your Royal Tree told go back even further without any reference to any politics out here cause believe me and you politics do get in the way of Truth and Facts righ? Okay. Look at the artifacts to present you know of from any land across any area righ? Imagine you taking on a language and defending it which is not even in your bloodline? Then imagine someone defending you cause it is the political ethical thing to do when out in public when out in public the reality of it all is that you are the negative epitome of everything they build off of you so you expressing a politic stance really ain't doing no good unless you respect yourself and go back to the lineage(s) where you from and create a business and economy that is fueled by its ethnocentric education. So who is really the victim? The one who expresses or the one who receives? Even though both are stereotyped as the same and they are bickering over simple mere wordage of a language they been enslaved to since birth and Branches back and they got no Dictionary aka Lexicon to even show progress they are indeed who they say they are by demographic and ethnocentric statistics no not none all. Imagine you being an African-American and you got the power to create Gullah Language into an incorporation of aspects which is full of rich culture too. Now you get a Language which all heads who author and edits decided which words of all mindsets will be allowed to say forever and forever righ? Now the opposite of this is still being in a language which they can give two fuhks about you can the language itself is meant to undermine and tear and destroy you subliminally to the point everything around you they built off a language full of symbols and symbolism to remind you are nothing in their territory are actually trespassing in their domain cause they wrote it that'away and you still haven't change nor care to even stand up and fight and when someone who does they ain't qualified enough by your standards which collectively there are no standards and never will if you a Leader like me who War & Peace for himself and his Royal Tree you gotta have heart cause my Generations depends on mine seriously as nobody outside of us is going to hand our Generations nothing! That's the Truth and Fact. It ain't no Culture to uphold accountability to both gender and how the businesses and economics has to be ran. No Stock Market Exchange. No nothing! So what you have here is a bunch of people who are highly disorganized and comes together when emotional times happens and that is feminine moreover...let a female lead and watch what is happening now. Now any female cannot lead and you can go back in historical events to reap the real benefits of real Queens and Empresses who used their logic and intelligence and was feared and still today feared but they sleep as heck....they on their beauty image and balling over a gender the fame and fortune which that's all them and favorable of how they play their parts and my Royal Tree never told me to be apart of it or not though i am lying...they told me not cause the damage has already been done you see. In these days of time a monkey see and a monkey do...the media has got the minds of the masses mostly. People so confused until it is ridiculous and it doesn't mean you too have to be confused and be down with gon look strange being yourself and not influenced by the trends of and over the masses. I do not wear what other males wear out here nor style a hair-do out here for beauty purposes nah...i do not walk for an attention purpose nah...i speak intellectually and keep it going cause my business is from point A to point B. Anything in between is a detour or breakage or stop in the complete path from dot to dot. I got signs to watch and intelligence to receive as my life and my Royal Tree goes on as Generations and my Ancestors put the instructions down and laid the tracks down so what is the problem when i look at em vs your set of eyes and you claim them too? Perception. No Culture. No Stock Exchange which brings businesses together on a platform to perform their best helping run an Economy and the more emotional you get the more illogical you get. I done been all kinds of isms worldwide and it is amazing how the people interact yet they know the rules and regs and grow up for the lump sum of them you can say and i cannot call it completely cause i am not an exact statistical figure who keeps track of every body who comes and goes no matter where and when which is now not even possible and so the news can never be trusted I learned that from the Pentagon. And if you been in the Pentagon you would agree without no argue or fuss. Yet when War is on you gotta make a move...when Peace is off you gotta make a's's tragic when you cannot save the world though it is a work in progress to become who you are finally once Peace is on. And to me Peace is not working with no-one at all and not being around anyone except nature and getting closer to nature though even nature War if you catch the scenes like following the Sun's wave as all that is live will follow it like the grass will bend and the others will too if you stand still you can feel it when you at the state of mind you can do some Shamanistic stuff and it is in both of my lineages so immah tap into it. Now...what is War? In your own definition? what is Peace? In your own definition? The effects and more that has taught me Change is the 7 Year Human Shed (like the Snake Shedding), Moth, Butterfly, Water Drop & Ripple and Domino. You find the cause behind each and you storm from a Thunder into a Lightning & Thunder (so above so below) then add Earthquake as a subscript or then add Rain after the Lightning & Thunder then add Flood then add Wind then that if you can hang you know what i mean? I got books of knowledge i want to basically build on and you do not really need all of that sciences of that and this nah...just the needed ones and maths too which applies to everyday life. Yeah immah nerd on the real and that switch can be turned off....

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