Black Poetry : Outlaw: Said Is He

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    who used to serve me
    middle eastern style chicken
    when i was in Cambridgeshire
    lurking around in the hood there
    around 2005-2007 to be exact
    he use to teach me about Islam
    to include my own people rooted
    from the West Coast of Afrika
    i never seen you with me Fred and the homies never
    so why you speaking upon my whereabouts as if you know me?

    Youza busta who is highly uneducated
    instead you could be writing a math and science book to the youth
    you the prime example of a waste of a young black male you claim to be
    and hip hop is dead
    didn't your favorite artist from NY tell you that about a decade ago?
    Dial tone...
    you didnt pay your dues
    so therefore you didnt get reconnected
    stop with your stupidity
    to get dat act rite
    yank yo'self by the collar
    while in the mirror
    like the great moonwalker told you so
    and quit beating harder like you scared of diss
    nah redirect dat cowardess energy
    into a positive stream
    open valve
    close valve
    like that
    and the silent thump
    called the silencer....

    "what's the first degree of their Mastery? What is mine? Okay What is yours?...."