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    Branches are tribes
    you should always position
    your family to be Royal
    buy constructing a Manse or Mansion
    i will be doing this
    i will not be paying anyone to feed my Tree
    we got Muthaz who like to cook regardless
    to include cleaning
    so you sit down to have a meeting
    and figure out each scenario.

    I have that vision
    in creating Manse
    after Manse
    of 20 rooms a piece
    each room will be assigned
    to a Branch
    whether it is a small new family of 3
    child father mother
    or a single person
    or a multiple persons from the same branch
    occupying the room
    from a first come first serve basis
    Elders so we can get them back on the rite track
    with proper natural healing
    small families
    and so forth.

    We work for ourselves
    and this process of removal
    is effective
    leaving the last spot empty
    to be revised or redone
    into a more expansion
    plus creating private roads etc.
    this is why family reunions are important
    see everything is dormat
    see everybody is dormat
    running around dormat
    not knowing the power to expand
    and grow is within all the time
    see immah be smart
    you should be smart
    see immah be intelligent
    you ought to be too
    about all of this
    cause a party is a party
    and arithmetic is it
    i think and communicate like an ant
    if my Tree is Royal
    then what are they doing in mediocre society?
    They in their apartment complexes
    and houses still renting
    i'm pulling them out
    as soon as i can
    cause monies are going toward a society
    which is not giving back to my Tree
    the way i can give back to my Tree
    you see....
    The process of removal is called extraction
    i'm highly organized
    so if i get 200 members each month
    different ones each time
    full names
    multiplied 50
    you get 10000K
    every month
    now a S type business structure
    would do great
    in hospitality to be exact
    better take that back
    and let us take a good analyst of
    rate of return on investment
    meaning slow mid fast
    and what industry is best
    when considering the investment...
    go ahead and do your research.

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    Now so far we got Edo but we can say Ghana and Nigeria for a broad perspective and back and forth map sake, Caribbean, Cherokee and Mexican in my that is so far. So we talking about the Olmecs and Aztecs probably when you are going far back on one know the Mexicans in California taught me how to do the Watermelons and Fig Tree. I was like dang yall never loss yall heritage of skills not one bit. The women and men like the original part of you though not the american or western part. As a matter of fact if you step inside the soil of most countries it is best not to mention you are american at all cause indeed you are hated. And when i mean american i mean by paperwork claiming cause your bloodline is not is who you are whether you like it or not non-color. If the Mexicans in Cali ask why i called myself black when most of them are darker than me! lol Seriously! Interesting isn't it?? Yeah your Tree got deeper roots than you thought and my niece is part Mexican so she and I keeps up the Spanish and believe it or not by showing respect you would be better off speaking to them in Spanish and showing the initiative. Now the language of the Caribbean i am learning is a broken english type like Gullah; i still speak a little Gullah here and there which was taught by listening to my Muthaz. I am digging into Swahilli again and i am really into the more endangering languages....culture is so unique and dynamic. Bring back the culture....