Black Poetry : Outlaw: Rep Yo Stupidity(The People's Anthem)

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    Rep Yo Stupidity
    like you suppose tah
    not caring about tomorrow
    cause tomorrow will never come
    kids are the new wave of homosexuals and sex addicts
    i admire their ghoul and goblin looks
    almost like that video on nintendo
    intertamed and systematic
    shove them the pills of cocaine and other forms into that throat
    with yo type of alcohol of choice to keep the whistle wetter
    keep them high eyes on alert of meth
    smoke your types of weeds abusively and habitually
    injecting the proper dosage to make the pains ease
    close the door and fade yo'self into a suicidal drama
    please police police come to they rescue with open arms
    ambulance care for them please
    strapped on a board
    the bells are ringing
    while another fools plans to hit you up from the sideways view
    cause you gang-related from a low classism level
    and if you were on the top level
    you could see those license plates front to back mobbing clearly
    whether you in purple as a Crip from Los Angeles
    or a Greek a letter as an African American
    or a Gay with Pride indeed above your rim from behind
    is what he said...
    you know the he who loves to speak his stance
    cause he be the first and last person
    idolizing himself as the female
    shook and corrupt
    trapped and struck
    stuck in a rut
    blackedout and fuhk
    confused while bucked down hurting from copping
    a sack of dosia
    dumbass mark and son of a funky bytchee
    you bastard
    all akita-chow dog with no bite
    nor a bit
    and you never learned about the two digit with my trigger finger wrapped around it ain't no eyes will witness
    a busta foe show and i will bank you
    watch yo blood drip to the ground
    until your audience remember you inside that coffin
    free eulogy
    like a freetimes
    boxed in comfortably and laced with pine oil
    the spoiled beef and turmoil
    i can uncoil to strike you with my rattling warning
    task a set out your lobe of choice
    either from the liver or the brain
    to write scripts about your skeleton
    and how the muscles was programmed to jump
    everytime you felt hit with the quickness of the real from the laser beam
    red dot tactic through your teeth
    onto your tongue
    as your head bob like it suppose to
    wrecking that vehicle meant for a 100 years at least
    too busy being a beauty and a beast
    switch hitter
    by the sunset and sunrise
    oh yeah you bulletproof
    but that epidermis is not bullet resistant
    as a matter of fact the next time you walk out your door just check for a string of data thin as eyes cannot see
    but i done forgot you got no idea of true warfare
    so my red and black pepper arrowhead pellets will make the braveheart in you sting into a torturous song only sweltering pain can sing(echoing)

    Oh you got characters?
    Well i got space
    plus them symbols you capitalized
    be your own sword
    so whatever road you from
    you best'tah get'tah sewning up
    plus like my cousins got touch you can too
    when your lease is expected
    ain't no combinations of characters gon save you
    you don't have your own language
    you never will
    you are a busta no matter your age
    you washed up like your little man said
    before you two came out the closet play
    shaking spears
    performance of dear queers
    if you had enough sense now
    you would stop to look at your own wording
    do an about face
    go walk outside
    and ask a kid you know that looks like you
    do yall got your own books...
    you know African American ones
    written by us?
    Cause that's your history you so bravely proud of
    and represent to the feet when you stand up
    no matter yo weak spine
    i bet you feel encouraged cause you beautifully colored special
    when you sit down in the library or go online
    to find you got no dictionary of words to relate
    to your own youth positively
    in order to forward them separately and superiorly
    over their last times
    you just piggyback like an illegal electrical rule and regulation
    your kind ain't worthy of the political debate
    cause you been braindead on arrival
    and those are the words which were spoken by eulogy as your sealed fate
    killed by ignorance and true soul hate
    the team rolling down your block bumping naughty topics
    ears get busted
    stomachs are flatten as waists are shrunken
    must be a barbie doll complex
    how much they worth at the everyday and night player's ball you trick for a mundane treat?
    I rather be a real player of my Sun Tzu monopoly and Hannibal Barca chess
    stay walking as dat never ignorant getting goals accomplished
    cause being a nehebakau evolutionist royally discipline pays my Empire well
    while you
    rep yo stupidity
    like you suppose tah
    not caring about tomorrow or your past unlike a butterfly
    cause tomorrow will never come unlike the intelligent drop of change into water rippling
    your kids are the new wave of homosexuals and sex addicts
    some are already paid baby killers
    while others get they money out as they lineage true culture never mattered as they didn't need that mindset
    i admire their ghoul and goblin looks you too should follow their lead hand that rocked their cradle or did politicians and the media did?

    " much would it cost to make a banner out of that and throw a party? dayum i make a rap album and i betcha it would sell gamed? or maybe i should rewrite bible and get paid and have fools follow the word basically instructed before leaving earth....yeah that white man who be the black and african american enemy still ruling that fool ruthless and making him research himself endlessly...and what they never caught on is if you from an area born then go back welcomed in open arms you feel me to see them? But fuhk it is their the Greeks why doncha get some land bought in Greece and keep it connected? Shyte...nah that's too intelligent....if you a Blood then why not speak Swahilli and move back to where it all came from? Dayum these folks are seriously craaaaaaaaaaazee on the real!!!! If i were a black or african american female i would kill off all males and produce only females and if i wanted to be single forever then i would abort baby after baby no matter the cost of my people situation cause after all if i am a feminist it is my life...yeah it's my life!!!! You dayum right it is...fuhk dem suckaz itz my life...put yo hands in the air and rep yo mindset of stupidity cause itz yo life...."