Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
You can see the prostitutes running
the tricks' windows steaming
mercenaries pulled over serving accidents
bumper to bumper crashes
side to front impacts
ambulances with sirens
fools speeding turning rubber on hydroglides
inside the freetimes you can see the hemp politics caving in
some restaurants piled in
spiritual contracts got em quicker
cause they seen the sale signs as a blessing to their high life
while in the country all you see are those woods
money get saved back
naturally your body suppose to be laid back and sleeping
after sunset right?

Drug dealers hustling their last strikes
correlated roots manning their stores giving all they got cheaply
everytime they see me and known business-minded others we smile at each other
cause gain recognize gains
let me setup shop in your store
you trying to change the scenery too
i got products guaranteed to sale
and they keep asking me when
i tell them as soon as i finish my commercial schooling
they smile like now you talking our language on another level
gimme fist is the ending
as people be asking where you been we haven't seen you in awhile
i tell em i been handling business like no other
and i'm about to dip cross-country for real
while others out there got the same plans of delivery going on
like hey man i know you will be down if we do this and that
and you right gimme fist
take more numbers down
as the argan oil seeps deeper in my scalp
i had a gallon of orange juice for dinner and lunch
cause the lighter i feel
the more i get done
plus this ULINE book is quite interesting
from a janitorial perspective
landing contracts like that with landscaping commercially
two Squares
and a beeper
plus that iPhone 4S still works
looking for the 5 or 6
while i continue to make my Sunrise glass jarred stored
black seed oil
unrefined sea salt
virgin coconut oil
makes me look fresh
plus in about a few days
i will be seven more years younger officially
as the results are really already out...
just like the party i am planning
when i get that break while on the road
back in the country i go seriously
where your all white from head to toe
plus bring that 20 dollars cause my cousin which is the deejay
needs to get paid as he is one of the most wanted
where i am from it will be nothing but instrumentals
in the field with them tiki sticks jamming
cause the more people coming
the faster i get to order the drive-in movie theater equipment
they do not even know that everytime a 20 bill is deposited
into the hands of the accountant
she already got the order to deposit it
into the bank via teller machine
use your netbook with tethering networking
buy the equipment
cause the land will already been bought before i came down at the party
on the land we partying on ah yeah straight genius and quicker preparing the hit
show the party slide of powerpoint while they happy and joyful bobbing heads and drinking
yup i'm coming like that...
and when they go back home to sleep
it will be all a dream
cause when they wake up
to receive the next text
they going to be like dayum...yall did yall thang without us even knowing it
like you put our money to use right then and there
you a real beep dayum that was dope as hell
oh yeah indeed and don't forget to check your email for the temporary job listed
between us at the party
and you already know i gon need
cabledogs for the spool of cable
general laborers for the digging etc
audio and visual team
filmmakers on an underground level
and that turquoise carpet
event setup for the walkway
to get the underground scene underway
with small business sponsors
you know the whole nine yards you see me?
This is why i mind my own business
cause it pays to do what no others are doing
and that is being yo'self...
and the staging is easier than anyone think
plus the limo service is on lock
flyers done by my childhood homie is already done
done already talked to him and he almost choked laughing
cause nobody ain't going to see this coming at all
he done dealt with entertainers by several names
is how he got rich before i did and he chilling now
with his degree in Art from that institute out of Atlanta
he is the one who showed me the toon-boom and other products of adobe
and i was like dawg in a few years...we gon be major from this aspect
he is one of marvel comic go to guys
and now we there....
this is for the reign indeed.
Big Mann i got tight game that is soooo great! until it is unbelievable of how we coming. 200 people and more x 20 gives me so major lead way. Do it again the next evening to come back with it again as part 2. Grand Open the Drive-In Movie Theater with a premiere of groundbreaking media from youtube channel to dvds and you know them females gon bring it! You know them hairstylists going in on them heads....yeah how many ways can i make my own historical events happen and make the University come up? Tooooo many ways. With your own Movie Theater gives way to Performing Arts easily and don't let construct a Garden got film and playwright then plus scores of all sorts from any musical formation of just instruments plus i'm going tribal with the sounds too and now you getting into making your own department of art of the entire Corporation making your own Records and Distributing them locally...
Music Company
Movie Company
Literary Publisher
Schools of students directly into the companies
And my drive-in theaters are going to be in major positions on property i buy and don't let me buy an Island...don't let me buy a hotel....don't let me buy a hotel...i done work in some of the most curious areas of my dreams that only i know where i am going....and this is just Performing Arts x Tourism =?
Told you immah catch em all slippin' in the rain...didn't I? I been playing cards for years since watching ole folks play cussin' fightin' and shootin' on the real. And you just learn when you got a winning hand that cannot be beat you just lie yo tail off and be like i ain't got nothing with a str8 face. And you make sure dem chips are just right and not overly on top giving away sign you just sit back and chill while doing flips inside like yeah i got these suckaz on the real cause out here of business and economics is a dangerous playground of what you got? I was taught by a couple silent millionaires here to always dress plain and just listen to people and be thorough with your plans and never floss cause that's being ignorant and they will never believe or know you coming cause you already stereotyped. So you just use that cover like in the military as camouflage and play the employee or a little iddy biddy dumbass sometimes really do em in then with a smile. Let them do all kind of hurt to you but not to much where you might explode on a beep cause remember you getting to see who they really are without the mask on. Make them snakes and fakes come out when the sun is up and peep they hearts with the Moon.
I'm like a fiend fo my gains you know what i mean?? You just can't stop me cause immah get at mine by any means necessary and c'mon Universe i need that fix...cause you know when i get that fix they gon chase me for it so gimme mine by the tons and you can't put me down cause i'm already down fa like a fiend shaking in my alleyways(echoing) yeah it's raining....


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