Black Poetry : Outlaw: Positive Premeditation with Sea Salt

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    By the tons
    from Hannibal Barca's country
    either by ship all the around
    you have to know the maritime rules and regulations
    or truck driving from there the East Coast
    to the coast of the West
    shipping yours and mine back
    to distributed from my estate
    through my local delivery service
    putting that fake salt out of business
    for sure
    if i can
    i'm that terror to any problem
    that i can solve without any type of funk or suspecting static
    justified pure mathematics
    using the art of landscaping
    to make my visionary plans work
    themselves tilled mowed cut repacked and mulched
    clean without no pesticides
    all you need to know is which herb and or flower
    repels even the toughest bugger
    though i rather have the garden spiders doing his and her job
    i seen a frog wait to jump across my path
    must be my lucky today tomorrow and on
    plus that waterbug tried to slow down my progress
    before hopping into my ride to go
    looking up to me wanna be communicating with the antennas going back and forth
    at the toe of my sneakers with orange shoestrings
    cause being intellectually keen and determined to my death
    is my brighter way
    so i keeps my shoes tied the double knots
    as if they be those wings of dragonflies propelling to fly away
    off my enemy's name scratched out completely
    moonwalked on their heart concrete style
    i represent my Vodun lineage by the miles
    grabbing my region as the testament that my word is bond
    cause being a midnight baby means you lunar
    and do not ask who
    when my paperwork is clear
    plus them passports
    my business license
    without no fame
    it is so many ants
    where you going?
    Straight back to the country
    then back to my residence on the eastern hemisphere
    in many places
    speaking languages
    without no americanism is great
    plus a stock market i can get into
    without no religious boundaries
    is all to the good
    plus franchising
    i'm down
    including my future international lawyers
    or then again just one
    you think i'm slipping
    though i am on point
    last times
    you cannot fade me
    that's what i tell the mirror reflection daily
    as he jump back to run into the darkness
    coming back to the light with a much needed surprise
    together we must arise he said
    opposing death i got the trick!
    as we did our premeditations positively
    while them others wilted and died(echoing)...
    yeah salt for your foods
    geah salt for your skin
    and oh righ salt for your intestines
    yes yes salt for your scalp
    it's all business and economics...