Black Poetry : Outlaw: Owner/Operator

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    You never had a
    trucking company
    nor a delivery company
    plus two schools
    to go with them both
    mapping routes
    to destinations
    by zip codes
    with your app
    and google maps
    plus have your own paper or plastic maps
    as i done mastered passenger delivery
    done already called up three passenger driving schools
    got all the information i needed
    even visited there site
    seen them in progress
    while on my deliveries
    coasting to that customer
    beating my own record timed
    i got a six cylinder
    though i rather have a four cylinder
    and as a matter of fact
    as soon as i get on the road
    i will send word by text
    to my family members
    to execute commands
    i need at least 4 vehicles
    with four cylinders
    and have my master mechanic
    who is from Bath originally
    be there by schedule
    checking them out
    all the way you see
    i know real businessmen and women
    who is looking for that connection
    i told the same master mechanic
    that if never get his shop open
    i will enlist his help as the prime time master mechanic
    with two bays or one
    attached to a gas station
    i'm gon'buy you see
    done already did the numbers on that too
    had the pleasure to locate and visit many
    including having long talked out talks with realtors
    who cares nothing about the conversation except the wealth
    trying my best to lowball em
    as some spots ain't really worth it by the millage rate
    and see you have to be highly educated
    something happened back in 2000 when i flatlined at the age of 17
    even my own family got word i was dead
    we got them pictures of that cutlass hardtop destroyed
    even that same white woman in Saluda remembers who was on the back of that ambulance
    as i told her detail for detail
    she could only be gasping shock
    like how did you know that cause i dried my eyes way before you came to wake
    she looked at me like a mystery walking
    like now when i keeps my head up high winds blow on bye
    i'm head strong to my fullest
    like when i was in Plymouth with my homie from New York
    that was in the Navy
    he remembers
    when we entered the city centre
    you could see the coast plus winds breezing
    it is a small bar/club there still to date
    and you ain't gon find many people like myself down there you see
    but bustas and marks like yourself looking like the dumbest controversial flunkie who weeps
    this is reality as i move on while everybody remain quiet
    as if they seen a ghost...
    outlaw by any means necessary wholly legally with a or without subsidiary(ies)
    I rather be an owner slash operator
    moving my own gas which is a natural resource from other countries or locally you see
    moving my own imports like cowrie shells from the west coast of afrika
    moving my own imports like sea salt from the Hannibal Barca's country
    moving my own imports like coffee from the Menelik's country
    moving my own imports like gemstones from various latin american asian and afrikan countries
    moving my own imports like silks and minks branded and solids from south korea
    i setup with international accounts you see
    get your mind on the freshest ideas
    and stop being in the gutter with your enslaving peers
    no matter their classes
    let them be threats to their own societies
    handle your work like true ants be
    marching and communicating
    could give a dayum about your ratings within your televisions screens you see
    me from the top of my branch trying to dodge the everyday and nights of murders and killings
    to include rapes from any dimensional degree and angle
    i honors my people to the fullest doing it like i am suppose too
    stacking my ends up to a marking of my cup
    then i'm outtie onward to the next goal
    cause this is almost completed
    i got taught my game from Big Mann
    who showed me how to never get backed down
    no matter my height or strength
    on that dirt clay court is were the bruises and scuffs ended when me and that basketball entangled
    i push them threes from long range hitting all net
    bringing forth grown men off the bench who be wanting to win
    cause they never had none
    competing against me since a kid you will not win
    cause i done already won against myself
    and never celebrating
    just hunting for more knowledge
    while feeling intuitively all around look i see a sign
    only for me the universe got me on a mission
    while these dummies with no scare tactics sitting back in the chairs eased to be faker
    than they last times
    i'm getting my flow on
    making my landscaping be heard
    pictured soundfully
    i need and want to see likeminded women in my silks and minks
    representing their arising surging soulpower to the fullest
    cause i took fine arts to my wholistic another level with trunk tight premeditation
    and they give me daps and hugs for being realer than my last times without being a savior
    just a real never ignorant getting goals accomplished
    you will not see me flossing for attention
    you will not see me not selling out to my fullest potential
    cause when your supply is in constant demand
    you can be that escapegoat on the top of your hill
    cause taking step by step is an endurance even confidence gets more strength
    i uses mine on the real instead of being a target of somebody's thought crime incorrectly labeling me as they busted dead body
    you can hear the bass and treble as chrome rims keep turning
    but that ain't me
    i'm too busy commercially shifting gears turning
    until my three to four years are up with a company
    then i am free to do my own thang as the owner and operator
    like so many other of my bigger cousins cause we branches of brothers within the family tree
    they schooled me....

    I can take your supply to wherever you need me and it to be
    the 13 School University is sooo close within my teeth
    i chomps down on that specific goal like no other
    cause them kids turning into drug fiends, sex addicts, hopeless entertainers, homosexuals and criminals
    ain't the way to go you see
    i done been a department of juvenile justice officer
    done been a mentor to two high schools
    and it ain't all to the good like you be thinking
    just wake up again to see the same thing without even a blink
    called the insane on steady repeat
    they called you evil
    you received the message to the head memorized
    and now you portraying evil that is rated worse than their programming on man-made tv
    the exact conditioning of a genocidal nation
    may you rest in peace uneducated and satisfied
    closed casket
    i don't even go to no more funerals
    i just send in poetic eulogies
    regardless if i knew you or not
    cause poetic justice to them individuals as a whole
    who be sitting there in their clean clothing
    should be ashamed and highly uncomfortable
    it ain't no such thing as you uplifting airplanes
    when the whole entire community of neighborhoods' aeronautical mechanics and aerospace engineering is fuhkedup(echoing)
    blame it on yourselves
    and i hope ignorance slaps yoass delivered to the ground from another cheek
    just to get back up and grow yours between them thighs called the crotch
    you wannabe womanizer and non-educating to the youth about real Mansa Musa banking(echoing)....