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    Many transport other business cargo
    but not me though
    as least not after i get
    my claim right with mining
    tree logs in all when clearing out
    specific areas where my University will be
    and those logs i will be using
    to format tree cabins
    it is like recycling method
    plus i need the gas and oil
    so different rigs for the different jobs at hand is required
    supplying myself to and from.

    Same goes to passenger delivery
    i gotta have them coolers
    hot and cold food bags
    about four four cylinder cars to start off with
    completely redone or effectively efficient
    to include owning a piece of real estate
    with a house preferably or abandon commercial property
    to start my driver's school up
    showing drivers how to use all parts of their vehicle
    maintaining their vehicle
    and being mechanically incline to a certain point
    plus being proactive and not taking luxury for granted
    my goal is to have about 20 four cylinder cars
    all same make and model close on the years
    and keeping the link with out of chain of command businesses too
    like ones who might have my motor and transmission available
    you know keep relations tight after you build them
    creates a great ethic about yourself and the business
    plus extra kudos on the reviews whenever somebody visits
    you can tell i am true to this
    from the mom and pop stores
    marketing their brand to the public even better
    creating fulfilled need as the mindsets want
    it is all just communication and service if you peel back all the layers
    from the unknowing customer to the newly and established businesses
    i'm going to have day and night driving
    then if you bout getting down on my team
    we can arrange that too per contract
    i can hook you up on the head game by offering discounts to you by creating a tie to the hair industry
    you wear my clothing advertising my business
    and my attire will be all that yet in the delivery style
    it's a corporate thang i figured
    plus immah do the bonuses per quarter if we do over a certain amount like a quota
    i be talking to my moms about it almost weekly
    and see she been in the food industry for 36 years coming
    in management so you already know it is done deal sealed
    she on it and ready to be the President of the entire corporation
    and i totally agree...
    and immah send my pops an ole school car so he can fix on it cause he and i are the same
    we just wanna sit back and chill without saying no words really
    making sure everyone is straight
    you know like father like son is the same ole same....

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    Then after driving cross country immah get into the airplanes! Hell yeah. Fly me a chopper and a jet...chopping the air baby and make em blow back and duck when i go saaahneeiik BOOM!!!! See i could be doing this same ole stuff that every other dude be doing but man that ain't even no where near who i am and where i wanna never was and finding someone to keep up with me is not possible. So naturally i just turned more and more into my dreams by the moments making each one happen on the real. And my University will be the bomb is nothing like seeing kids be themselves you know Princes and Princesses on the real....i am highly abnormal and i put that on my soul to keep.