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    all i do is do math and science in my head
    cause i see problems all the time
    and grab ahold the ones i know i can solve easily
    like unemployment
    do my passenger delivery smooth as heck
    check this peep me from a different angle...
    a passenger school + passenger delivery = your positive perception
    do it just like the commercial schools
    offer a bonus with sign up to my company as an employee or contractor
    you get your driver's license from your local state or territory etc.
    then you get that bonus
    plus drive one of my four cylinder vehicles
    in order to deliver hot and cold foods
    from restaurants to grocery shops and delicatessens
    the passenger driver gets all of his or her delivery fees and tips
    no matter if it is on the card or cash
    plus if you didn't pay upfront to get your driver's training
    then it is debited from your weekly delivery fee until paid off
    including all rental equipment
    which will equal the amount of it's original condition
    plus you pay your insurance
    you have no car payments
    cause i bought the car straight from the auction
    then had it completely redone efficiently
    now back it up to the insurance part righ?
    As you see my insurance...
    since you need at least 5 years in order to start your own insurance company
    what you think i'm gon do with a few family members?
    Pay they way through insurance training
    then we open up our insurance side to the whole shabang
    this is a relief like no other on the real
    cause when it comes to investments
    the insurance route you cannot miss out on
    and once again i am coming pro-life
    meaning aiming to extend your life and children with guaranteed success
    minus the obvious undetermined out of hand situations
    which will be in the clause not in little letters
    but in bold lettering
    and i will have the right lawyers on it as well
    now the insurance part has to kick off at the same time or not far behind
    when i finish my first year on the road commercially...
    the commercial side of transportation will be the same
    since i already got the gist of transportation
    i just need to get a diesel mechanic for commercial trucks
    and so on for aircrafts too
    and ships finally...
    oh and not forgetting the horses
    cause a horse need a veterinarian.

    When you think of transportation on ground
    you also picture roads righ?
    Nice well thought out roads
    featured beautiful landscaping for the ride
    safety and emergency solutions
    cause why else would you get into transportation
    if you ain't looking to build yourself up imperially?
    Without transportation it ain't no really nothing happening
    i am even considering buses for transportation though now pollution escalates
    if i believe there is a hybrid bus situation
    or engine and mechanics that can be built into the bus structure itself
    and i am only doing statewide county to county
    with an employment and depot strategy within schedules as militant as you can get...
    though the bus strategy i will rather leave it to the University i will be constructing cause
    i guarantee you all children from all counties will be attending my University
    and i will not need no soliciting of funds
    no loans
    no nothing
    but pure sheer work and mind
    put together
    for myself and the children
    cause i do believe in the children
    it is just these parents out here ain't came together for a quick decision
    generation after generation
    same ole thang
    same ole bullshyte blaming others for they fuhkups
    so immah do it myself
    and when it is built
    immah give it up to my Ancestors
    for helping me on the real
    when times were critical and vital
    having to outlaw constantly
    pacing inside my own dreams is realer than my realest last moment
    that be ticking tock away
    and you can't gain them ticks back....
    once time is lost
    that's it
    and on the real immah bout to hit 35
    so immah suppose to be looking 5 times younger at the 35
    and so far everybody is like dayum you what again?
    how old??
    nah you kidding righ?
    hell nah....
    blame it on my genes and careful scientific testing and procedures on my ownself
    highly motivated about the cellular manipulation i keep altering....
    be the owner and operator of yourself
    cause after all your body is a vehicle
    until either you burnt or closed casket
    per every tick
    goes a tock
    stepping onward as my scripted tasking....

    "it ain't easy being an unknown sunflower leaflets up growing up to be his taller sun-praising arising vibrant self keeping my head up proudly dutifully serving as one of the All's mightiest to be rooted deeply...."