Black Poetry : Outlaw: Opposites By Dah Pendulum

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    Since your mercenaries
    looking for dirty vehicles and suspicious unconscious human beings
    plus that lifestyle media constantly creates as a trend
    presented to you by your local and far famous and infamous human stars
    i done already studied the generations before plus coming including their entire wardrobe
    in order to be me and people can never say i am she or he
    giving all thanks and praise to dem eyes of the Moon and Sun
    magnetically forcefull
    filled with do or die maxims
    standing out like that South Korean Maple Tree
    on key inside my own musical sheet of dissonance sounding resonance
    making offbeat step you into a silent note
    you thought you heard a murmur
    and see it was really all about your persistent hesitance of ah astuh-astuh-astudder
    cause being real means sacrifices will have to be made
    shedding an ole time
    on chord
    i keeps growing up you should be saying to yourself instead of being a character of stupidity
    combinations of characters plus numbers can create numerical values of sequential variables
    it is your intention plus attention
    do not mention me or your past times
    as me and yours do not go together
    keep my aliases out yo mouf
    in order to represent your predictable weathers
    foe show hooking dem lefts swiftly
    in the eye of the constant circulation
    around goes the baam!
    cracking harden calcium
    with developed iron heel style
    broken and chipped
    liquids drop drips plus i need no fifth
    disappearance got my whole story trunk tightly closed
    kicking up rocks and that sand
    i done told you enemies this is my land
    i got dem no trespassing signs up
    it ain't no signal in working order here
    i made sure the magnets and electrical interference scrambled yours
    so go! and put that phone down
    better yet throw it down
    get back in your mechanical car
    with no hubcaps
    or armor oil on dem dusty rubbers
    expired tags
    skeletons ontop of the moving table where fired flames is raised when gasoline hits
    all in my mindset i should jump in my ride
    with my krises crossed
    you see the X flashed
    bumper to bumper bumping
    finally yours did an acute angle stopped burning oil screeches radiator steaming
    sitting in your seat terrified stuck
    pupils heighten
    i don't want yo drugs or your money
    neither yo gayass booty you tootie fruity looped
    i gotta closet play fo yo ego everytime you wanna come out
    press pause and then rewind you undercover motivated trife
    it's your life
    look at your life
    while i ride on as the opposite dodging the dead and yo death by the pendulum's swing
    untouchable and never heard of
    except on paper
    always throwing parties
    watching hands be uplifted in the air
    heads rock
    feet steps
    necks pop
    sweat trickles
    my laughter riddles
    i'm dangerous to the core of the fainthearted
    as chess pieces comes in all forms of shapes and sizes
    you can get seized at my bridge
    while trying to crossover the depot looking onward into my view created crimeless
    you think crime cause you negative
    a thought crime per every sentence
    if you got astronomical topics
    then i got a chair for you getting served purple bullets and starfruit as the tropical reaped profit....