Black Poetry : Outlaw: Oh It's Yo Life

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    Cause when the real
    is reversed into a fake
    when the real is to see
    like my homie and i got off
    the phone today
    it is shame when the youth believe and know the real to be fake
    like herd of dumbasses guided by no leadership at all
    that's why me and my folks
    plus them associates we deal with
    stay in control of ours
    i use the internet to give back
    what i got from it all
    which was about 10-20 knowledge of the same as you can look on ground
    but when you doing nothing at all
    neither exposing your life to the youth
    so they can see a leader in you
    a real character they can see then you have failed
    youza busta as expected
    you the kind of unreal man that unreal women love
    that's the state of the world as it is today
    because when you hear them shots pop
    and when you hear the live pd on que every weekend
    and when those signs of help is needed inside the schools
    and when the homeless looked cracked up and drunken up
    you get tired of seeing prostitutes
    looking just like your auntie and your momma
    that could be your grandma
    and them sorryass middled aged men who could give a dayum about their spent ends
    plus them punks steadily bend
    and yet all you hear it is okay
    when another crash has happened almost on the daily
    they multiple over the weekend
    so does unheard of killings
    and those little faces of children are multiply on media platforms
    you can participate in making a business official
    creating jobs and contracts which reduces the negativity aftermath
    but all you see are dem so called tricks and players
    and dem so called pimps and haters
    then people go to church faking the funk
    waving their hands in the air like they touched a holy ghost
    speaking obscenities in vain
    when their is a currency in circulation used by the main college
    as a matter of fact youza busta and a bytchee
    you the type when given information to be real you will switch
    and history can account for that
    luckily my shells the homie got do not have tracers of exact names and addresses
    cause if it did
    your chest and skull would be exposed
    and if i had the power to bring back my cousins and baby plus comrades
    then i would at-will to replace you
    and call up the rest of the people i know to bring theirs back too
    as it is too many fake out here
    releasing my thoughts from the senses
    recorded on pen and pad and phone
    everyday i gotta note to stick to your face when it is cold
    hoping the glue to your skin gets your attention
    and your eyes look down to see the written
    but oh i forgot you can't read nor write
    that's why your kind is dead last in literature
    and they do not have their own books to feed their own children K-12
    and your own women is dropping your count a color plus the gender as a male
    and you know what i say to people like you?
    Shyte oh well....

    Abortion and Race

    For decades, abortion has disproportionately targeted minority babies.

    LGBT America: By the Numbers

    On early Sunday morning, 49 people were killed and 53 injured inside Orlando's gay nightclub Pulse. Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has renewed his call for a "Muslim ban" while Democrat Hillary Clinton responded by demanding tougher...

    Abortion's Racial Gap

    Even as the U.S. abortion rate is at its lowest since Roe v. Wade, women of color are five times as likely to terminate a pregnancy as their white counterparts. Why?

    And this ain't even the updated part and see this is what happens when you got no culture and no power of your ownselves as far as business and economics see the trades disappearing and replaced with softer ones...but like i said i am just one superior man of my own times...glad i am a leader to my own Royal Tree and down to about four companies now until as the time for me is to move on cause i got millions to make three ways: Passenger Delivery, Commercial Delivery and the numbers you know mathematics and your sciences. Now when you get a kick out of that then you can say that is baaaaaaad. Yeah. You need a lesson from a goat on the real and that that falcon cause you can't see shyte.

    Ever seen a kid with colorful hair...and you ask him what inspired his hair and his tone was too feminine? The blue haired kid i seen was only 11 years old....

    "Rest In Piss youbytchasscoward....this yo genocide im moving me and mine outta of it...."

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    Its yo life
    keep being stupid
    and don't stop it
    cause the churches ain't
    and like my homegirl told me around 8 oclock today
    the state of your people has gone too far
    when the kids are finally accessed
    and it ain't me to blame cause they got instagrams now
    you ain't got no dictionaries for them but you can afford them accounts?
    yeah its yo life...
    You mean to tell me 365,000 people
    which is 365,000 for every day of the year
    cannot give one dollar to uplift themselves
    out of the lowest situation in all of their history
    even lower than slavery
    cause at least in slavery you fought bare knuckles to whatever you had
    but this is as cowardice you get
    and you think it is joke
    and see that's why real men and women like me
    know it is a joke
    and the laughs on you...
    it's yo life
    yeah keep being stupid
    and don't stop it
    arm yourselves with guns and weapons
    march senseless
    get in that bed and have sex
    go to the abortion clinic and use dem rubbers
    to any form of abortion method
    plus not being properly educated
    and you know what?
    You got that degree from college
    though no business created and the economy isn't getting any better
    you must have seen the children from the East and Europe
    filling in the statistics making schools better
    ah! mighty clever....
    then again is it my business to be noticing?
    Only from a business and economic level
    and trust me i am rushing against time
    to try and save all my children from the Royal Tree
    cautiously and intelligently
    using all the education i got
    and wisdom i keep on experiencing
    dodging and weaving
    sticking to the gains
    scraping the leftovers into the trash if i cannot recycle it into a profit....
    going back to the village with the homie and more people is a must
    and this time instead of helping with the electricity and lighting cans of fire
    we building with concrete block and more....
    but after i get my own family rite
    yo life....

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    Pen and pad be my therapist and i highly suggest you do the same when bullshyte people be speaking be stupid as least mine go right back to the lineages plus researched of truth and facts. It ain't enough cowards within their history that made times like this be as it who thought they brother was their brother was indeed a coward...same goes to females and their trifling ways. Nowadays...a few more days and nights and they can have the internet from my standpoint. Now i am glad i am separate from you and your life altogether....keeping the diseases off my Royal Tree...done loss 3 cousins and a baby and we ain't losing no more to violence...natural death is natural death and yet and still it ain't nothing to brag about cause i done loss many many to that aspect of life too and you know what? You gotta keep on stomping and keep watching yo back and keep letting these people out here think how they think while you come up cause that is all apart of the game....they have a brain like you got too and i feel no more remorse or pity when you know better and refuse to do better collectively or individually from their standpoints....not outta my mouths. They are satisfied but me and mine ain't cause we live around the satisfied who swear everything is all good you see. Some people are dead and some are live like that lady in NC said to me before leaving to bring her business back to that state too...we talked for over an hour and shyte is crazy on the real but eh it's yo life....and not mine. Sorry Maya Angelou and 2Pac but i cannot be apart of this no more though i am down wit yall my Ancestors for life.