Black Poetry : Outlaw: Next Week Is The Last


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
It is the last doing passenger delivery
from the seat
my sister and moms are prepared
i sent word to my pops and grandmutha
everybody is like let's do us
and bring it
cause those memories of going world touring
got me pausing em
writing down this
voice recording that
editing my diagram more
straight organization
so anybody can read it
and move on where i left off
including by-laws which are being made
like a set of articles of incorporation....
When you get to one level of your game and beat the heck of it, then you move on to the next and the next and the next cause this is life you feel me? Now yesterday was pretty big for me cause this weekend is on looking at more property and talking more with my people from the country. My bigger cousins can't wait until i go trucking driving cause they been trying to get me to go but i was nah i gotta peep something real quick and i peeped it and now i'm ready. From port to my own market will be dope as always plan before you strike at your dream. And always have backups and in this case i am aiming for the University to be built so i gotta use Hannibal Barca on this one to his fullest and you gotta have businesses already up and running or dormat before building a school unless you are going to help supply other businesses with your vested geniuses and now how stupid does that sound huh? If i school my niece then i can't let her go to a company cause she is going to take our ideas and build with them! Make common sense with your moves....and my school immah start at K and move the K on up and not like other schools where you fill in by the grades nope...i'm doing the Domino and Ripple Effects. Wave after wave knocking their goals down one by one as they move up in each degree. All private going all year long like most schools in Asia....I admire Asia....
See i am earning each skill to build trade schools of Ground, Air and Water. All other schools will be based on specific Ancestors as i hire Ethnocentric Writers and there are some books already out that are Ethnocentric i think Hawaii got theirs and their is of course Afrika out with theirs too like it is a whole movement about it really and it is really working like making your own Currency which is legal and as you can see they have even a civil rights leader on their cash note and all real like within the law you can make it happen. I would love to go to Tuskegee but i will not have the time so i opt to go strictly aircraft training. The last time i spoke to the head chairperson over the program aerospace and nautical side he said they were working on linking up an aircraft school for professional training too and that was like 4 years or so ago. It may have change but yo that school is where it is at for aircraft and Ethiopia is where it is at for Ships unless there is a sea-training in California other than that you gotta go to the military in the Coast Guard or Navy which the Coast Guard gets you directly into it. You would need a flight simulator and the headphones to get ahead and cut down the flight training cost per flight and you can buy that on amazon. I done did my inquiries and the price range fluctuates seriously from state to state and school to school so it is on you seriously. Do your own research on how to become an owner/operator of your own aircraft to include how to make your own airline and you would be surprise of how many privately owned airlines makes up for the total combined airlines nationwide. Buy your own castle and or bed and breakfast or hotel and you got a nice traveling package including your own limo service too. Think outside the box. Do not be trapped. Now when i am talking about ships i am talking about the huge ones like a military vessel, cargo, maintenance and cruise ships. Aircraft i will be flying my own chopper and jet fo'sho! I use to help slingload and man you be like wow! there goes the chopper up and up and up it goes and i even got the honor of riding in a chopper 6 times and yo it is dope!

If you got a child at the age of 16-17 i believe they can get their license as early as that age too! Yup. Imagine putting your own public airline up on the stock market of your choice cause it is more than one you know.....worldwide. C type corporation.
If i had a son or two or three we would sew it up on the real. One in the ground other in the air and other by sea...start em off as babies from toys to the real thing saving money back as an Investing Firm/ General Contractor to get my sons all they can you know what i mean? Set the whole thing up and buy land near a coast for the ship(s) plus airline. And i'm talking about acres of father like son is the bomb you know...yup! But that's on you can be a Welder and do the same as far as raising monies for your sons and welding school at but well it depends on how many hours and if you willing to do underwater welding too. Yo i would go as far as Imhotep went on the real multi-style....that's a personal goal of mine is to be all i can be like Imhotep yet as myself you see me? He still the man and ain't no man or woman going to touch is not possible when you birthed all of what people got today in the med and health field and just Schools of back then had to be ten times or much better than now...cause they used the real deal called the Universe and not all the man-made stuff. Like it can still be used it just take a lifetime of perfection to yourself on a whole other level of mastery that you probably do not want to teach unless you sure the students you teaching will change the world effectively and not for pursuit of personal gain. Unforuntaely in today's times it is used for personal gain and we exploit humans more than the earth itself and when exploiting the earth we exploit it like a cold hearted is kinda out of hand now but if you country or tribal then you already know to relax and do you without the greed. Greed to me is more personal as my goals are more spiritual cause i'm on this karmic trip and kinda of afraid of coming back so you know i'm doing all i can to be rite and just upright you feel couldn't pay me the world to come back in the flesh or anything other than it nope no way i wouldn't give a dayum and who gives a fuhk about the physical realm and all this shyte but i learned to be humble while in it and just work my own magick. See i found temporary peace in playing my own game as i watch others go insane i done broke out of the deadly cycle dot to dot now just straight up continuum and i really do not give a dayum about an obstacle on the real...smash through it like the energy i am. I'm telling you something happened to me when i went flatline and came back in 2000 cause i ain't been the same since like the type of peace i tasted was real like it was mine! And then i had to come back to this bullshyte but i'm cool wit it all though and i just keep my composure and always keep an attitude of doing good and positive like i'm chasing death down and even the grim reaper like be like running you feel me? I wanna ask the punk the question everybody wanna know and the punk keep hiding but i got the Moon and Sun on my side and death can't hide and deep inside i'm like fuhk yo scythe or whatever tool you be claiming you have like a fiend fa thatass like ah ah monstah fiend on the punk and reverse the clock and table on em. I'm on a hunt...and i'm determined to the very last official ending. So until then i will stay as youthful as i can turning the hands of time back more and more to a point where i feel satisfied. You gotta be brave bout yo spirit and soul. Aint no such thang as fear when you fuhking wit life unless you death.


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