Black Poetry : Outlaw: My Secret Teaching of Cursive Writing

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    What i started to teach my oldest niece
    was how to correlate
    her cursive writing
    to the 360 degree circle
    to the clock
    to the compass
    pretty much mirroring
    the logographic calligraphy
    getting her prepared
    to move on into other languages
    plus testing my own art feature out
    cause she always pay attention
    to what i do quietly whenever
    i do see her i work on myself alone
    she is an Aquarius so go figure
    you thought i'm head strong
    well she picks up just as much
    so teaching her is awesome!

    when you are making yourselves
    into an artifact
    you must range a signature
    when you come from a School of Thought
    the Student must perform as required
    to show knowledge has been memorized
    and duty has been rendered
    therefore you earn a Skill
    now once let's say a School of 20
    made their artistic calligraphy perfected
    by the 360 degree circle
    you can therefore create a society of writers or scribes
    that specializes in a particular type of literature
    only the Teacher and Student knows
    therefore signatures are unique
    writings may seem as ordinary to the average ego
    though only enthusiast can spot unique approaches
    and you see making yourself into an artifact takes a
    time period of procurement
    i know why the Ancestors wanted me to share
    this tiny piece of info with likeminded individuals
    cause the rest will not get and never will
    in fact they will make themselves look foolish and imbecile
    to say the least....

    When start to study myself from the inside
    i found someone who has been begging to be unleashed
    now i just peel back the Ancestor of choice
    and study them from head to toe
    i envision myself inside of one of the pyramids
    then in Timbuktu and Benin Kingdom to Cherokee
    and just be still as it comes to me you see
    see they be speaking to me like never before
    cause getting prepared to do what you need to do
    requires extensive secrecy and sometimes just disassociating yourself
    from everything as possible to move on
    a Student can even make their calligraphy into a song though
    appearing as words
    only the Teacher and Student as Students as a School of Thought
    knows how to read their own writing into a song
    and not necessarily a song you would be thinking to sing
    though one of sheet music
    based on how the calligraphy is made from the Teaching
    now one can even do mathematic formulas too
    though not by wording...
    break out your circular compass and you can map
    yourselves into different places on a terrain too
    based on written calligraphy
    yet all of that depends on the secrecy and mastery of the art
    from a Teacher to the Student
    and see this is the kind of Teaching i am in to
    which is not the norm at all....

    " have to take yourself seriously and just back out of society cause indeed something real super is about to happen and see i am an Indigo seed who just keep growing up and up and up and you need Culture in order to be an effective Artifact to be used in your own Theorems now i tie in the Ancestors and we can make Ethnocentric Math and Science Books cause Calligraphy is a Language of Art...i combined Maya Angelou with Mansa Musa to yield Books of Gold you already know the Teacher to be handpicked for Language of Arts will probably be there for a lifetime and the rest will be pulled from the Society of Scribes to fuel the other Language of Arts in each University once i get there yet you gotta preplan this and be prepared like i said with all of your stages of moving on cause this just didn't happen overnight like a sunflower ain't going to grow 6 six feet tall overnight....all of this is just an example and nothing official just a mere micro-glimpse into my vision lead to me more clearly by the Ancestors and the females have to rule over this part of the University without question cause as you see it on the walls of the Pyramids with her feather so she will be in the flesh doing it also i just got no control over that...."

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    Now of course it is still a secret cause you do not know what i am talking about and probably think i am crazy indeed yet it happens when you study your Ancestors cause after all people still think the languages you have are completely deciphered yet the world is messed up completely so what that tells you? Exactly. Time to return back but on a silent note and like Timbuktu only the real from all over the globe will come to see which is tourism. See the garden spider showed me how to attract and make everything look beautiful now ain't she wonderful? Nature is one of the best teachers i tell ya they are...i owe that to the spiritual systems of both of my lineages. You know i was a baby who was born before the sunrise so i was always quick on my toes.