Black Poetry : Outlaw: Moving Like An Ant

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    Moving like an ant
    ain't concern with this outside representation of a total misrepresentation
    i'm already knowing what time it is
    using all of them smokescreens
    to get on through
    see ya
    getting more of my business on without any focal points witnessing it
    keep stacking my cash ends
    connecting every dot to the next dot
    cause communication pays alot of sense
    i see them signs up ahead
    yeah what is word with the supply and demand with these businesses
    affecting the economy locally and foreign
    from any subjective and or objective view?

    Moving like an ant
    ain't concerned with they outside representation of a total misrepresentation
    cause the art of portrayal
    is not what it all seems
    and before you know it
    the public will have been put on pause
    looking for the information from strings of data
    not knowing it is their human being activity
    of known behaviors doing it all
    all psychology ruling
    just like when you see heads turn
    cause a siren picture as an emergency
    gets that body prepared for sudden circumstances
    the adrenaline pumps
    the nervous system speeds up
    are you all together or just an individual?
    Well time will see
    when they country is under fire or at peace
    cause all of a sudden
    another human being action is affecting another human being family
    which never had any farming equipment nor gardening
    okay now
    see what i'm saying?
    No you don't
    and it is tight like that
    knowing what you do not know
    cause the media rules the mind of the masses
    ain't that right Malcolm X?
    But not me though
    i stay proactive versus being reactive....

    me moving like an ant
    cause the foul gets down right dirty
    i got to have mine stored
    no matter the seasons
    just got off the phone with my bigger cousin
    he said i'm good to go
    buying that land from the family
    he agree also
    that it is time to bring back them ole ways
    farming and gardening
    to including with a little upgrade of technology
    using diesel fueled and solar powered generators
    a big barn and a shed
    we can keep our whole family tree fed...
    having them family reunions is mighty crucial
    getting them branches printed on the tee shirts
    paying dues to be incorporated
    creating our own family credit union as soon as i
    get finished with that first year of commercial driving
    next year it will around winter
    we keeping them phone-lines heated with do or die conversations
    and all you hear is we down
    the dial tone
    without shaky reverbage in the background means yo shyte is tapped...
    moving like ant
    got no time
    for societal traps....