Black Poetry : Outlaw: Made Myself Into An Artifact

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    I do my own research
    to defend myself written
    my skin is Cherokee and Edo
    i was never a color
    so kills colorism my way
    and my way is a fact and truth
    you build off the truth and facts
    i am truth and fact
    so therefore
    since i can write and read
    i can entitle myself
    while building my Empire
    make great statues of my Ancestors
    i use my intellect wisely
    my intelligence is like no other as i am suppose to be better than my last times
    i am not a race
    though i do race to be better than my last times
    so i am in a race
    i follow my own spiritual systems
    from the lineages of who i am
    and see once you separate yourself from black and white people
    you will start to be you once and for all
    decipher your own intelligence of your Ancestors
    and make your own recorded events true
    and you have to back it up by doing what?
    Building your Empire....
    cause being an artifact is no joke indeed
    as you tie yourself into the word
    called research...
    now mastermind effectively my likeminded folks